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KN4M 05-01-01

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  • Robert Sterling
    Peru Sun, 29 Apr 2001 Thomas, Kenneth F. A point missed by the libertarians concerning the shoot-down of that Cessna over Peru: because
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      Sun, 29 Apr 2001
      Thomas, Kenneth F. <kennthomas@...>

      A point missed by the libertarians concerning the shoot-down of that
      Cessna over Peru: because of the ensuing controversy, all
      surveillance efforts of planes possibly carrying drugs to the the
      US were curtailed. Drug planes were then free to make their
      deliveries, and the profits from that were free to flow into the
      usual Bush family coffers.

      Kenn Thomas


      Steamshovel editorial on Ron Bonds
      Sun, 29 Apr 2001
      Thomas, Kenneth F. <kennthomas@...>

      Ron Bonds, RIP
      by Kenn Thomas

      This column started out to be about Charles K. Johnson of
      California, who died last month at the age 76. Johnson had served as
      president of the Flat Earth Society since 1972. "If Earth were a ball
      spinning in space, there would be no up or down," he once told
      Newsweek. His
      New York Times obit said Johnson looked at scientists as "witch
      hoaxters trying to put science in the place of religion. Despite the
      hollow-earth theory being almost universally scoffed at, most people
      to whom
      I read the "witch doctor" quote said they agreed with it. Coming off a
      debate with Martin Cannon that included some discussion about the
      component of many of the mind-control speakers out on the circuit, I
      Mr. Johnson, a fundamentalist minister, provided a good example of
      one of my
      points. Without affirming or condemning his religious beliefs, the
      of this unique individual and with it virtually the entire "hollow
      perspective should be acknowledged as a great loss.
      Then I suffered another great loss with the death of Ron Bonds,
      head of Illuminet Press and the publisher of two of my books, Maury
      UFO and Popular Alienation. Ron died by some mysterious means still
      fully understood, perhaps involving food poisoning. Stunned by the
      news for
      days, I finally wrote this note to Timothy Beckley, who was prominent
      the people circulating the news:


      I hope I'm not too late in sending a note about Ron Bonds. Like
      Keith, I regarded Ron as a close friend and have been grieving his
      since I heard the news. Also as with Keith, I am more than a little
      at the circumstances. I have been assured that none of Ron's friends
      relatives believe he died as a result of a "conspiracy", but it seems
      that it was the result of food poisoning. Keith, as you recall, had an
      innocuous blood clot.
      I am perfectly willing to accept these mundane explanations, but I
      am also duty bound to point out the pattern of coincidence in that
      had their full four score on this earth. We have seen this pattern in
      deaths of many UFO researchers; with witnesses to the Kennedy
      among scientists connected to SDI research; elsewhere. And the people
      interested in doing a full investigation, and not just accepting the
      word of
      hospital and police authorities, for the most part do not have the
      means to
      conduct one.
      Having said all of that, I want to acknowledge the great role Ron
      Bonds played in keeping alternative publishing alive in America. He
      need a conspiracy theory about his passing to make him a legendary
      figure in
      the conspiracy research community and the information underground.
      Ron saw
      and understood the vast body of writing and knowledge that was for
      the most
      part ignored and marginalized by the newsstands and publishing
      houses, and
      he shaped a career for himself that brought it to more people. Hey, he
      published two of my books--Popular Alienation and the current one,
      Island UFO! That gained him sainthood right there, that and the fact
      he was more dependable in paying royalties than anyone else in the
      press. Ron also published the late, great Kerry Thornley, Oswald pal
      founder Discordian; he brought John Keel back into full focus to a new
      generation and a newer one now with the Mothman movie coming up; great
      writers like G. J. Krupey, X. Sharks DeSpot and Matt Love would have
      been published without Ron; "Arch Conspirator" Len Bracken first
      for many people in the Gemstone anthology Ron published; and, of
      course, he
      had a long and very successful partnership with my old bud Jim Keith.
      Ron Bonds really was a hub of this world, and he will be missed on
      more than just the personal level, where he is missed very much


      Since then, I have learned many details about Ron's death but
      nothing that lifts it out of the fog. He died of massive internal
      of the colin. It is still not certain if the hemorrage had anything
      to do
      with food poisoning. An autopsy was performed; there was no bleeding
      there is still no official cause of death on a death certificate. Ron
      sent to Grady Hospital in Atlanta, not nearby DeKalb General,
      because it has the best trauma unit. It may take another eight weeks
      to get
      Dr. Henninger, the Fulton County coroner, to issue an official death
      An inevstigation of the food Ron ate the previous week is under way,
      but it
      is unclear if if other patrons of the Mexican restaurant he patronized
      became ill. Ron's wife did become briefly ill also after the Mexican
      but that passed quickly.
      All I really know is that I lost another friend and the
      press lost another great talent; in fact, it lost a pillar of its
      Without a real investigation, nobody knows, and it is of course
      contradictory to examine conspiracy in everything and not to consider
      it in
      the lives and deaths of people like Ron.
      At the Dylan concert last week, listening for words from the bard
      that would give the circumstances of Ron' death an additional
      They came in the songs "Desolation Row":

      "The only sound that's left
      After the ambulances go
      Is Ciderella sweeping up
      in Desolation Row..."

      Ron's widow Nancy has now inherited a great business
      Although she has stopped the IllumiNet web site, she told me that she
      continue processing book orders, individual ones but primarily to the
      distrubutors, and that IllumiNet will stumble along until more
      arrangements can be made. Perhaps some shadow of Ron's great
      effort will remain--I'd love to take it over myself!--but it's like
      with Jim
      Keith and Charles Johnson: when they're gone, they're gone, and the
      wobbles less now because the spin they put on it is gone as well.

      Kenn Thomas
      Steamshovel Press


      Here's a review of my speaking schedule at the moment. The next one
      is this
      coming weekend. I hope readers in the Chicago area will take a look
      consider coming:

      5-6, 2001; A three-day gala event in Kempton, Illinois.
      Guest Speakers David Hatcher Childress: Atlantis,
      Ancient Technology & the New Millennium; Christopher
      Dunn: The Giza Power Plant, Latest Discoveries; Kenn
      Thomas: On the Trail of the Octopus; Acharya S.:
      Ancient Mystery Schools and the Christ Conspiracy;
      Jerry Smith: Tesla Beam Weapons and HAARP; and
      more discussion between speakers. The conference will
      be held at the Adventures Unlimited building at One
      Adventure Place in downtown Kempton, Illinois. The
      One Adventure Place building houses the Adventures
      Unlimited Bookstore/Cafe as well as the catalog sales
      division and the conference center. Across the street
      is the Peppermill Restaurant and Sgt. Pepper's &

      Kempton is located in northern Illinois about 65 miles
      from Chicago's major airports. Cost of the Complete
      Conference: $90 before April 25, 2001, $100
      thereafter. Motels can be found in the nearby towns of
      Dwight, Kankakee and Pontiac, Illinois. Call your
      favorite motel chain for their nearest location in this

      Call for more information: World Explorers Club Tel:
      815-253-9000 or Fax: 815-253-6300 or Adventures
      Unlimited at Tel: 815-253-6390.

      CONFERENCE, May 25-28, 2001: Seattle,
      Washington Memorial Day weekend. Doubletree -
      Seatac, Seattle Airport. Come Join us for an "Out of
      this World" Vacation! UFOs, Bigfoot, Egyptian Lore,
      Nostradamus, Ancient Manuscripts, Near Death
      Experience, Archaeology, Disclosure, New

      Speakers in order of appearance: Peter Davenport,
      Kathleen Anderson, Lloyd Pye, Karena Bryan, Dr.
      Melvin Morse, Jose Escamilla, Kenn Thomas, Glenn
      Kimball, John Hogue, Michael Tsarion, Michael Cremo,
      Pamela Stonebrooke, Dr. Heather Harder, Peter
      Gersten, Dr. Roger Leir, Dr. Nick Begich. Featuring a
      Jazz Singing performance by Pamela Stonebrooke (as
      heard on Coast to Coast bumper music) and local
      Northwest group. Quichua Mashis - authentic music
      from the Andes.

      ...and if you plan way far ahead, I also will be
      appearing in the fall at:

      The 38th Annual National UFO Conference,
      NUFOC, Austin, Texas, September 14 - 16 2001.
      Famous Writers / Researchers Present New Evidence
      of UFO Reality, Special Events & Workshops; Focus
      On Balancing Encounters Research and Experiencer
      Therapy, After-Dark Saucer Culture Film-Fest featuring
      UFO movies, documentaries, film trailers, television
      shows and commercials with Special Guests! To be
      added to the conference update e-list, please send
      email to: NUFOC@... .


      Mayday, mayday
      Global media giants are lobbying for the most sinister
      privatisation of all: the airwaves

      Jeremy Rifkin
      Saturday April 28, 2001
      The Guardian

      Question: what is the single most valuable piece of
      property worth owning at the dawn of the information
      age? Answer: the radio frequencies - the
      electromagnetic spectrum - over which an increasing
      amount of communication and commercial activity will
      be broadcast in the era of wireless communications.
      Our PCs, palm pilots, wireless internet, cellular
      phones, pagers, radios and television all rely on the
      radio frequencies of the spectrum to send and receive
      messages, pictures, audio, data, etc.

      Most of us never give the spectrum a passing thought.
      We regard it, more or less, like the oxygen we
      breathe, as a free good. In reality, the spectrum is
      treated as a `commons' and is controlled and
      administered by governments who, in turn, license the
      various radio frequencies to commercial and other
      institutions for broadcast. In other words, in every
      country the electromagnetic system is owned by the
      government on behalf of the people.

      But now powerful commercial media are seeking to gain
      total control over the airwaves. Imagine a world in
      which a handful of global media conglomerates like
      Vivendi, Sony, BskyB, Disney, and News Corporation own
      literally all the airwaves all over the planet and
      trade them back and forth as `private electronic real
      estate'. A strategy is beginning to unfold in
      Washington DC to make that happen.

      On February 7, 37 leading US economists signed a joint
      letter asking the federal communications commission
      (FCC) to allow broadcasters to lease spectrum they
      currently license from the government in secondary
      markets. The letter, which went virtually unnoticed by
      the general public, is the opening salvo in a radical
      plan to wrest control of the entire spectrum from
      governments around the world, and make the radio
      frequencies a private preserve of global media giants.
      If they succeed, the nation state will have lost one
      of its last remaining vestiges of real power - the
      ability to regulate access to broadcast communications
      within its own geographic borders.

      This story starts several years ago, when the Progress
      and Freedom Foundation, a conservative thinktank in
      Washington with close ties to Newt Gingrich, former
      Speaker of the House of Representatives, published The
      Telecom Revolution: An American Opportunity. The
      report's authors called for the conversion of the
      electromagnetic spectrum to private property. Under
      the plan, broadcasters holding existing licences would
      be granted title to the spectrum they currently used
      and would be able to use, develop, sell and trade it
      as they saw fit. Remaining unused parts of the
      spectrum would subsequently be sold off to commercial
      enterprises and be reconstituted as private electronic
      real estate, while the FCC would be abolished.

      The study argued that government control of the radio
      frequencies led to inefficiencies, and that if the
      spectrum were converted into private electronic real
      estate that could be exchanged in the marketplace, the
      invisible hand of supply and demand would dictate the
      most innovative uses of those frequencies.
      Congressional hearings were subsequently conducted on
      the proposal, quickening interest in the plan.

      Still, the notion of selling off the US airwaves to
      private commercial interests seemed a bit too
      ambitious, even for the most experienced Washington
      corporate lobbyists. Then, less than one month after
      George Bush assumed the presidency, the letter from
      the 37 economists turned up on the FCC's doorstep.

      The new thinking: first, secure a partial
      privatisation plan, allowing commercial licensees to
      sell and lease their leased spectrum in secondary
      markets. Once done, the commercial foundation would be
      laid for a final conversion from government licensing
      of the spectrum to a future sell-off to the private
      sector. Other nations would be encouraged to follow
      suit and sell off their spectrums to global media
      companies. If some baulked at the idea of
      relinquishing control over their airwaves,
      international trade sanctions could be imposed to
      force compliance.

      In the industrial age, exchanging property in markets
      was the sine qua non of commerce. The role of national
      governments was to protect property and markets. But
      in the new commercial world being born, having access
      to the flow of information in telecommunications
      networks becomes at least as important as exchanging
      property in markets.

      If the radio frequencies of the planet were owned and
      controlled by global media corporations, how would the
      billions who live on earth guarantee their most basic
      right to communicate with one another? In an era where
      more and more of our daily communications take place
      in cyberspace, access to the airwaves becomes
      critical. Of course, those who can pay will be
      connected. But what about the 62% of people who have
      never made a telephone call, and the 40% who have no
      electricity? How will they ever secure access to
      cyberspace in a world where the admission fee is
      controlled by a few global media giants?

      If the flow of human communications is controlled by
      global media companies, how do we ensure that social
      and cultural points of view and political expressions
      that may differ from those of the companies who own
      the frequencies will be allowed to flow over the
      spectrum? We might face the prospect of a new form of
      repression as global media companies tighten their
      grip on the airwaves.

      Equally ominous, when companies like AOL-Time Warner,
      Disney and Vivendi Universal own the channels of
      communication as well as much of the 'content' that
      flows through them, will the rich cultural diversity
      that has traditionally been created and nurtured in
      civil society dry up? Will we be left with only a few
      global media companies as the ultimate arbiters of
      human culture?

      How do we prevent these companies from exerting undue
      influence over commercial life itself, because of
      their control over the channels of communications
      through which business is conducted? And finally, in
      the new era, when everyone is connected with everyone
      else in commercial information and telecommunications
      networks, how do we prevent corporate owners of the
      radio frequencies from exploiting the data on people's
      lives that flows through cyberspace? What safeguards
      will people have over their own privacy when every
      aspect of their life story is accessible as data bits
      travelling over corporate-owned and controlled
      communications channels?

      At the dawn of the global media age more than 20 years
      ago, an American government official made the
      prescient remark that `trade doesn't follow the flag
      anymore, it follows the communication systems'. When
      our very right to communicate with one another is no
      longer assured or secured by government but controlled
      by global media conglomerates, can basic freedoms and
      real democracy continue to exist?

      Jeremy Rifkin is the author of The Age of Access and
      president of The Foundation on Economic Trends in
      Washington DC


      Bob Anderson <top_view@...>

      Germans find gen-altered seed found mixed with normal!!!//ALERT

      WHAT is UP with this continuing contamination of supposedly
      NON-gen-altered grains, seeds etc. -- which have been APPROVED as SAFE
      for human consumption -- with genetically-modified seed which has NOT
      been approved as safe for humans and is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE??

      WE'D say: this is DELIBERATE, multilateral sabotage going on here, for
      what dire purposes we'd probably rather not even try to imagine but
      which VERY likely involve the global juggernaut comprised of the usual
      New World Order suspects and their multinational-corporate slave-

      Creapazoid factions seeking to further one malignant agenda or another
      -- and probably LOTS at once -- are almost certainly deliberately
      contaminating food-grade crops with genetically-modified versions.

      WHAT GIVES??

      SOME-body is SCREWING with all of us on a BIG scale, in yet one more

      - - - - - - - - - - - -

      German Officials Find GM Seed
      Mixed In With Normal Corn Seed

      HAMBURG, Germany (Reuters) - German authorities said on Friday they
      discovered genetically-modified maize seed mixed in with normal seeds
      imported from Chile and Canada.

      The farm ministry in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein said the
      discovery had been made during a spot check and urged farmers who had
      bought the seeds not to sow them but return them to their dealers.

      The ministry said the seeds from Chile were of a type modified to be
      resistant to herbicides that were not allowed to be grown for food in
      Europe, while those from Canada had been found to have several
      unspecified genetic modifications.

      The ministry added that the mixing of genetically modified (GM) seeds
      with ordinary seeds could have been accidental, but said it could not
      rule out that GM maize had also been delivered to other German states.

      Last year, farmers in Germany, Britain, Sweden, France and Luxembourg
      unknowingly grew some GM modified crops after importing seeds from
      Canada, prompting a Europe-wide outcry.

      Responding to the scandal, German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder called
      agro-businesses not to grow genetically modified plants until 2003 so
      the government could investigate their effect on the environment.
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