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Beast of the Year 2001

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  • Robert Sterling
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      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist


      Beast of the Year 2001
      The George W. Bush Votescam 2000, Election Swindlers

      The votes are in, and The Konformist readers have spoken. The George
      W. Bush Votescam 2000 is your choice for the 2001 Beast of the Year -
      a choice that is well deserved.

      It seems that in terms of Beastliness, we are on a new Information
      Age low with Shrub. The man is an incredible combination of stupidity
      and pure evil: in a strange way, his stupidity has helped him, by
      masking what a malignant cynic he is. Give him this much: as stupid
      as he is, he is at least smart enough to know to serve his masters,
      and so far he has done that very well, at the expense of everyone
      else. The policies of "president" Bush have barely been implemented,
      and already the writing is on the wall. After merely 100 days of
      Sodomization by the Bush mob, it is clear - whether by economic
      policy, energy policy, environmental policy or "law and order" - that
      we are screwed.

      The fact that this sorry excuse for a man has no business posing as
      president makes his destructive policies even more appalling. Make no
      bones about it, the Beast known as Shrub is going to be causing
      damage even past the four years he and his cohorts in crime will
      thieve any pathetic crumbs of democratic rule we have left.

      Still, Shrub couldn't have pulled this whole damn thing off alone:
      he's nowhere near as smart to do that. That's why the winner here is
      a group award: it goes not merely to Dubya, but all the "president's"
      kreeps who helped install the swindle.

      Which leads us to the worst participants in the Bush swindle: the
      American public, who pathetically bowed in cowardice in the face of
      fraud. It shouldn't be surprising that so far, Shrub and his gang of
      swine have consistently pushed such a destructive agenda. Authority
      only tries what it can get away with. When the American public
      announced with its own spineless apathy that they really didn't care
      if their government was stolen in a coup d'etat, it was an invitation
      for us to be shafted. Needless to say, Bush and co. have take full
      advantage of this invitation, and likely will continue to for years
      to come.


      Ariel Sharon
      In the unlikely event that Shrub and co. can no longer fill their
      duties as Beast of the Year (such as doing something shockingly
      decent), Ariel Sharon is ready to take over the crown. Rest assured
      the BOTY trophy is in good hands either way, as Sharon has been the
      prime manipulator and provocateur in tensions surrounding the Middle
      East, tensions which could explode into a World War to end all World
      Wars. The rage surrounding Sharon in the Arab world is well deserved
      and easy to understand: having earned the nickname "The Butcher of
      Beirut" for his thuggery, Sharon would be labeled a terrorist is he
      came from any other Middle Eastern nation. Despite (or perhaps
      because of) his actions, Sharon has been awarded the office of Prime
      Minister, proving that Israeli public is as easily manipulated as the
      American public is.

      The Bronze:

      Jacques Nasser
      If, on the unlikely event that both the Shrub thieves and Sharon
      can't perform their Beastly duties, we always have Jacques Nasser to
      fall back on. Rest assured Nasser will continue to do all he can to
      earn his Beastly honors.

      In any case, we salute you all, Shrub Swindlers, Sharon, and Jacques.
      Congratulations, and keep up the great work!!!

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