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Chamish 05-01-01

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Sun, 29 Apr 2001 9:59:22 AM Eastern Daylight
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Sun, 29 Apr 2001 9:59:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time
      Barry Chamish <chamish@...>

      by Barry Chamish

      I received a letter from my friend Joel Bainerman today. He just
      had a
      phone conversation with our mutual friend Gemma Blech, an activist
      Women In Green, who informed him that the Israeli Right was angry at
      me for
      my stance on Margalit Har Shefi, who is serving a nine month prison
      for "not preventing the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin." He, better
      anyone, should know that I do not serve the Right, I serve the Truth.
      You see, the Women in Green are campaigning to have her released
      they think I am opposing them. Nothing could be further from the
      truth. I
      want to see her free but I know unless she and her family start
      what they know about the Shabak and its provocateur Avishai Raviv,
      she will
      not be released no matter how many pleas for mercy are sent the
      President. Look how well that strategy worked with Jonathan Pollard.
      people are also too frightened or lazy to hire a professional and
      find out
      why he is REALLY sitting in prison for life.
      No, Pollard did not work alone. No middle level Navy
      employee could have possibly sifted through the billions of files in
      Navy Intelligence archives to fish out the data that Israel needed.
      had high-level guidance and he is sitting while someone else,
      someone high
      up, is being protected. And those supposedly fighting for Pollard
      refuse to
      go looking. Pollard will not be released out of pity; it's war out
      and his advocates had better, finally, start looking for some
      No different with Har Shefi. Her uncle, Benny Elon was the first
      public figure to finger Raviv as a Shabak plant. He knew him, he was
      apparently tricked into working with him, I have witnesses to this
      and he's keeping his mouth shut while his niece wallows in prison.
      Am I supposed to admire that? Joel should know better.
      Because you see, two days ago Joel and I took our kids on a
      trip. When he got home, he found that his house had been broken into
      trashed. The only thing stolen was his computer. He knows the robbery
      an intelligence-gathering operation and surmises it resulted from his
      having financed the Hebrew translation of my book The Last Days Of
      Funny, we did a lot of talking about intelligence gathering
      during the camping trip because of an incident that happened to me
      the day
      we left.
      Our upstairs neighbors suddenly abandoned their new home and
      took a
      five month trip abroad. I was sitting on the patio with my kids when
      heard the blinds open above us. My son was shocked, "No one's
      supposed to
      be living there, so why did the blinds open?" he asked.
      I have two phone lines; one downstairs for the computer, two
      for the home. The next day, one of the upstairs phones stopped
      ringing, yet
      you could dial out. We called the phone company, and an hour before I
      for the camping excursion, a technician came over to repair the
      problem. He
      discovered that the upstairs phone now shared the line with the
      phone downstairs.
      He explained, "Phones don't switch lines by themselves. The only
      that this could have happened is if someone tapped your phones and
      the lines up afterward. To do that, he'd have to have a key to your
      building." Our efficient Shabak leaves its mark again.
      If Margalit Har Shefi thinks she is the only victim of
      repression in
      Israel, she'd better think again. The newspaper Makor Rishon this
      reported the police investigation of Tzahi Zweig, the brave post-
      archaeology student, who did far more to expose the PLO's illegal
      under the Temple Mount than our government. He is now being
      investigated on
      trumped up charges of stealing artifacts. Then here is the gutsy
      investigative journalist Dell Griffin, arrested and handed
      orders for reasons he isn't sure of yet. The guesses being sent to me
      from his advocacy of a less than popular theological position to his
      personal acquaintanceship with Avishai Raviv.
      Zweig's crime was exposing the PLO, Griffin's is not understood
      However, what is indisputable is that he is a reputable writer, a
      reporter for the Jerusalem Post and he is being deported from his
      home. But
      he is fighting back. He is seeking out the facts. He is talking,
      informing. So why isn't Margalit Har Shefi? Why is her only defense
      she didn't take Yigal Amir seriously? The implication is that Amir
      was the
      murderer, which he was not. Her stance is undermining all the years
      of hard
      work of those, alright including me, who labored to expose the truth.
      is hurting me by her silence, she is perpetuating the lie that the
      religious Right murdered Rabin but most of all, she is destroying her
      And I'm supposed to thank her for that? Talk, and I'll support
      with all I have to give. Otherwise, don't expect anything from me
      with what
      I have to go through.
      Fine, I'm not in prison...yet. The authorities won't dare the
      hand me
      a public forum by allowing me to defend myself in court. I would like
      nothing better than to subpoena Rabin's assassins to my trial. But
      what else is going on besides mere surveillance.
      My family received a notice that we owed the income tax
      $80,000. I was accused of not submitting my annual income tax
      statement in
      1998. I NEVER miss submitting it so I contacted my accountant who
      he forgot to submit it but refused to repair the damage. So we hired
      another accountant to get to the bottom of the matter. All he has to
      is the first accountant won't answer his queries but I wasn't billed
      by him
      for my 1999 report either. Here comes another $80,000 bill.
      So someone is trying to get me on trumped up tax charges and now
      family has a lien on the house and car. And if that doesn't work, a
      widespread disinformation campaign is being mounted against me. This
      the claim is I am publicly accusing everyone in sight, people I have
      information with for years, of being Shabak agents. The smearing is
      spreading and I'm expecting a huge final smear to shut me up for good
      day. I'm no angel, I've never claimed to be a saint and whatever
      form it
      may take, I've decided to just accept the consequences. I'm frankly
      very discouraged with my fellow Israelis. I tell them the truth and
      are incapable of absorbing it.
      Tomorrow Shimon Peres is in Washington. Makor Rishon reported
      that he
      will be meeting with two of his biggest allies in the Bush
      Dan Kurtzer and Richard Haass. Both are high ranking members of the
      On Foreign Relations (CFR). Kurtzer, in fact, is the only orthodox
      Jew in
      the CFR, which means his orthodoxy is a sham.Haass, who as I have
      previously reported, is the most anti-Israel politco in the
      Party, and this fact came from a politician who knows, Jack Kemp.
      correspondents sent me ample proof in the form of Haass' own writing
      confirmed the fact.
      That they are both influential members of the CFR is not a
      coincidence. That Peres is meeting them is not a coincidence. That
      is sending Peres is not a coincidence. That Sharon appointed Peres
      Minister is not a coincidence. That Peres organized the murder of
      Rabin was
      a fact known to Sharon when he made his appointment. After presenting
      proofs of Peres' complicity to thousands of people, the Israeli Right
      my case is solid.
      But they can't put things together to save their lives and
      nation. Israel has an enemy in the United States; it is called the
      Peres will be meeting their stooges tomorrow in Washington. They will
      plotting Israel's downfall. And as far as the Right is concerned, the
      of the Middle East bloodshed is Arabs hating Jews. Well, that's not
      happening. The CFR exploits the hatred that exists through the
      Israeli and
      Arab leaders it has corrupted and that includes Netanyahu and Sharon.
      And while my nation bleeds, the Right refuses to listen to who
      twisting the knife. And while the Rabin assassination has been
      exposed and
      proven, their biggest issue is Margalit Shar Shefi's release because
      was a victim of injustice.
      Well get this, WE ARE ALL VICTIMS OF INJUSTICE. The whole state
      Israel is under diplomatic siege by murders who rule us, the EU and
      America. The only solution I can think of to save our enterprise is
      FINALLY expose the Rabin assassination and watch where the pieces
      fall. By
      doing so we can preserve our existence and as a bonus, free Margalit
      After expressing all this deep-seated frustration with the
      people I
      care for most, why should I carry on?
      It's because of people like Miriam Samsonovich, a fine journalist,
      faxed me the following report from
      Yom Hashishi (April 20, 2001):

      * * *


      Israel police heads, and the commanders of Tel Aviv Police and
      District Police spent an hour and a half in Rabin square
      demonstrating the
      Rabin assassination for the Director of Interpol. Also present was a
      reporter from Hashavuah who was informed of the event.
      The Interpol Director climbed up and down the steps where Rabin
      his last few moments alive, while checking various angles and
      them in his computer. He engaged in conversations with the police
      representatives which appeared to end in heated disputes. Citizens
      the site, were hurriedly directed elsewhere.
      The Interpol Director flew to Israel for a few hours, specially
      investigate the Rabin murder. He was seen examining adjoining
      Police spokesperson Shulamit Herzberg confirmed the visit to
      Hashavuah. She added that it was an official visit but insisted it
      unconnected to new findings about the Rabin murder.

      * * *

      There you go. After over five years of presenting the
      evidence, the
      head of Interpol, plainly against the wishes of Tel Aviv area police
      commanders, came to investigate the Rabin assassination. We don't
      know who
      sent him or why. I'd like to believe it was a leader of the Israeli
      But I doubt it. They're too busy trying to arrange a pardon for the
      smallest cog in the murder.
      And I hope they succeed. But the only way they will is to
      warriors for truth, the complete truth, the deep truth...already.

      My book THE LAST DAYS OF ISRAEL is available through www.amazon.com,
      www.borders.com , www.booksamillion.com, www.hiddenmysteries.com

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