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Konformist: FeedBack: 01 February 1999

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Kirby the Konspiracy Boy says, Don t read
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Kirby the Konspiracy Boy says, "Don't read this
      magazine!!! It's all a diabolical brainwashing plot!!!"

      The Konformist
      FeedBack: 01 February 1999

      From: rhoffman@...
      Subj: Konformist: Mysterious Spraying Update --Jan. 31st, 1999


      While the weather-modification theory Goddard documents for the cobwebs is
      interesting and may indeed be correct, I find it far more reasonable to
      believe it was a biological "attack" (simulated, shall we say?) on the
      people of the United States.

      Will Thomas' list is up to 28 states now, and he wrote me, "After 600 emails
      - including, cops, pilots, defense specialists, rocket techs - I can tell
      you that everything going on in my ALERT to you is real, is true, is
      happening as we speak" (His "alert" was published in my STOP CASSINI
      newsletter #86, available at the STOP CASSINI web site and elsewhere.)

      Even if the intent was, in fact, weather control, it is pretty clear that
      the effect was that many people, including YH&OS (and his wife), got sick.

      Now, I should mention, that if I were the government, and I were testing
      such a wondrous new biological weapons delivery system (which is what I
      believe it to be, as I have previously expressed), then I would make certain
      that everyone who thought it really happened, thought it was a
      weather-modification test! Bad as that may sound, it's a lot better than
      "testing biological weapons delivery systems" which leaves a much nastier
      taste in one's mouth. AND is undoubtedly against the spirit, if not the
      letter, of International Law and not to mention a little thing called human

      Weather modification can always be couched in beneficial descriptions,
      wherein, the modification is to stop a hurricane, which I guess is
      (theoretically) probably a good idea. (More likely, it would be used to
      DEFLECT a hurricane away from a nation rich enough to do such things, and
      where it would go instead, who knows?)

      In fact, the "weather modification" part may be done. And it may be done
      SPECIFICALLY to cover their tracks, by destroying the evidence as soon as
      possible after it has been used.

      Even a biological delivery system that could (theoretically) be a good
      thing: It could be used to inoculate everyone who goes outside (which is
      nearly everyone). Indeed, I'm sure that "top secret" reports about this
      thing they are testing do go into excruciating detail about the "long-term
      potential benefits to society of the technology." And in the cold, hard
      language of any Government report, nobody dies, they just become a "health
      effect". I'm a pretty healthy person and I (possibly) got pretty sick from
      whatever it was they did. An elderly person, an infant, anyone already
      weakened by one of life's many assaults, may not survive nearly as well
      something that for me, is now nothing more than a lingering sniffle.

      In the cold, hard language of the report, they probably reasoned that those
      types of people don't get out much anyway, comparatively.

      Regardless of what the purpose was supposed to be -- tests, inoculations,
      mass-poisonings, weather modification, or any combination of those (and
      more), it is disgusting to even think that our government would do such a
      thing. Yet I am certain that is what the United States Government has
      actually done, and the mass-media somehow doesn't even notice, or doesn't

      I would be less likely to believe it happened, of course, if only our
      Government did not already have such a "productive" track record of such

      Whatever the reason, what they have done makes you sick -- we have reports
      of severe diarrhea, though I just had a head cold. It is undemocratic not
      to publish openly what they are doing this for. There is no question in my
      mind that they are doing something that makes people sick.

      Achoo. Achoo Achoo Achoo.

      --Russell D. Hoffman
      Editor, STOP CASSINI newsletter
      ** Russell D. Hoffman, Owner and Chief Programmer
      ** P.O. Box 1936
      ** Carlsbad CA 92018-1936
      ** (800) 551-2726
      ** (760) 720-7261
      ** Fax: (760) 720-7394
      ** Visit the world's most eclectic web site:
      ** http://www.animatedsoftware.com

      Frankel needs support in run for L.A. City Council

      Help Elect a longtime opponent of the Playa Vista development to the
      L.A. City Council.

      Rex Frankel will work to find the money to buy all of the Ballona
      Wetlands and surrounding open space. By the PV developer's own admission,
      the project will increase traffic on the 405 Freeway by 28%, air pollution
      by 10 tons/day, and eliminate an opportunity to preserve a brilliant
      ecosystem within city limits for future generations.

      Los Angeles City Council members have received a whopping $200,000
      from organizations interested in pushing through this debacle, and our
      district councilwoman, Ruth Galanter, has received over $20,000. I will
      fulfill the pledge our 12-year councilwoman promised in 1987, to halt the
      chaos this project will produce.

      Please sign the petition if you are a registered voter and live in
      Venice, Mar Vista, Playa del Rey, or Westchester. Four more years of the
      current councilmember, Ruth Galanter, will mean 2/3rds of the open space
      will be paved over with our tax dollars!

      Join the campaign! Call 310-572-6491 to help!

      A petition is posted at the VENICE-OCEAN PARK FOOD CO-OP, 835 Brooks
      and Lincoln Blvd. It's located in Venice, next door to RED HOT VIDEO, and
      across the street from CAFE 50'S DINER, and RITE-AID/RALPH'S.

      Rex Frankel
      Publisher, Ballona Free Press

      Panel Discussion in L.A. on War Crimes and War Criminals

      The Simon Wiesenthal Center and the International Monitor Institute are
      pleased to invite you to an exciting evening panel symposium entitled "War
      Crimes and War Criminals: the Pursuit of Justice and the Role of the
      Media" to be held at 7:00 PM Monday, February 8th, 1999 at the Museum of
      Tolerance's Peltz Theater in Los Angeles, California.

      Entry and seating are available on a first come, first serve basis. There
      will be a $5 entry fee. Participants via video conference and/or in
      person, include Chief Prosecutor Louise Arbour of the International
      Criminal Court Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, Professor
      Cherif Bassiouni, whose distinguished work on the International Criminal
      Court is known to you, Roy Gutman, Pulitzer prize-winning journalist of
      Newsday, Aryeh Neier, President of the Soros Open Society Institute, Anna
      Husarska, journalist and political activist, Tina Rosenberg, author and
      member of the New York Times Editorial Board, Terree Bowers, former Acting
      Chief of Prosecution and Legal Coordinator for the International Criminal
      Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Chuck Sudetic, journalist, author and
      political analyst.

      For additional information, please contact the Arts & Lectures department
      of the Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance at (310) 772-2452 or
      the International Monitor Institute at (310) 474-2111.

      Joaquin Munoz
      Senior Analyst
      Balkan Archive
      International Monitor Institute

      From: Agent Smiley

      Below is a petition. Every 25th person should send the petition, in addition
      to passing it on, to: bherbert@...

      Otherwise it will end up a chain letter floating about in cyber limbo and
      doing no one any good.
      [from Bryony Schwan, via Bruce Herbert:]
      Boycott 20th Century Fox movie "THE BEACH"

      Dear Friends,

      On a recent trip to Thailand I discovered that 20th Century Fox is making a
      movie called "The Beach" on Phi Phi Leh Island, a treasured National Park in
      Thailand. Portions of the film, which stars Leonardo Di Caprio (Titanic-fame),
      will be shot on Maya Beach on the island of Phi Phi Leh. This is one of the
      most beautiful, unspoiled islands in the Pacific and it is being destroyed to
      meet Hollywood's perception of paradise. The film company has already
      bulldozed large portions of the beach and removed much of the natural
      vegetation (Giant Milkweed, Sea Pandanus, Spider Lily and other beach grass)
      in order to widen the beach to accommodate a football scene. Fox plans to
      replace the native vegetation with 100 non-native coconut palms to create
      their "paradise."

      Local Thai activists feared that removing the natural vegetation would create
      serious erosion, and they were right. The beach has already been eroded and
      now locals are very worried about how much of the beach and bay will remain
      after the monsoons.

      Phi Phi Leh Island is supposedly protected as a National Park and is key to
      the local tourist economy. Thai activists report that Thailand's Royal
      Forestry Department violated their own regulations and were bought off by 20th
      Century Fox, who paid the government Bhat 4 million. Local activists are
      enraged that the government would cave in to Fox's demands and that their
      concerns were ignored. Activists are not opposed to filming on Maya Bay, but
      want the island to be filmed as-is. A lawsuit has been filed, but an
      injunction to stop further destruction of the island was denied.

      The local Thai people have tried everything, from the courts to blockading the
      beach, to protect their island. They need our help. They ask the American
      public to take action and boycott the film. The Thai people point out that
      Americans would never allow Thai film makers to bulldoze Yellowstone or other
      US National Parks. Hollywood must get the message that exploiting the
      environment and powerless people is unethical for mere entertainment.

      Please help the people of Thailand by:

      1) Passing this message on to everyone you know.
      2) Signing the petition below.
      3) Write a letter to producer Andrew McDonald. Tell him you will boycott the
      film unless 20th Century Fox stops destroying Maya Bay.

      The address is:
      Andrew MacDonald, Producer
      c/o Carol Sewell
      10201 W. Pico Blvd. Building 89, Room 224
      Los Angeles, CA 90035

      Check out web site of Maya Bay at: http:www.wildrockies.org/wve/

      Please sign the petition and forward to someone else. If your name is #50,
      #100, #150 and so on, please send the petition back to:


      TO: Andrew McDonald, Producer "The Beach"
      We, the undersigned, will not see your film "The Beach" and will encourage our
      friends and family to boycott the film unless you cease and desist from
      destroying Maya Bay by removing the native vegetation and planting coconut
      palms. Maya Bay is already a paradise and does NOT need Hollywood's
      unnecessary alterations.

      1). Bryony Schwan, Missoula, Montana USA
      2) Laura Scherubel, Missoula, MT, USA
      3) Claire Emory, Ovando, MT USA
      4) Carol Hett, Sheridan, WY USA
      5) Sue Nackoney, West Yellowstone, MT USA
      6) Anna R. Mosqueda, Sacramento, CA, USA
      7) Barbara Warner, Lebanon, KY 40033
      8) Nancy Ellen Smith, Woodstock, GA USA
      9) Kathy Richmond, Vice President,Friends of the West,Clayton
      10) Scott Edgerton, Missoula, Montana, USA
      11) Chuck Pezeshki, Director,Clearwater Biodiversity Project, Troy
      12) Ward Klemer, Seeley Lake, MT, USA
      13) Aaron Coffin, Missoula, MT USA
      14) Bruce Herbert, Seattle, WA USA
      15) Eric Stewart, Eastpointe, MI USA
      16) Lambert Rochfort, Bellingham, WA, USA
      17) Robert Sterling, Los Angeles, CA, USA

      Bruce T. Herbert
      206-282-0142 fax
      1509 Queen Anne Ave N, Suite 733

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