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KN4M 12-08-2000

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  • Robert Sterling
    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Fri, 8 Dec 2000 I just read Is Jeb Banging
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Fri, 8 Dec 2000

      I just read 'Is Jeb Banging Kat?' and I don't care whether it's true
      not. It just made me feel good to read it. It was exactly what I
      to hear. You made my day. :-)

      Carl Condit
      Santa Fe, NM


      Blazing Tattles news magazine and Books
      Fri, 8 Dec 2000
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      "Thanks for the great article regarding the election. Regards,"
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      Fri, 8 Dec 2000
      John S. Tully <jstully@...>

      Los Angeles, CA
      Good sandwiches can be found in most cities. Small towns have them
      as well but Club Sandwiches purchased in an old deli in a major
      metropolitan-area with ham And turkey is living. Capitol Hill in
      Washington D.C. is an old part of town. L'Enfant stood up on that
      hill and planned the city from there. It is a great little
      neighborhood full of all kinds of people, important judges and such a
      deli. When the Supreme Court is pulling one of it's "infamous" all-
      nighters down the street, interns are sent scurrying up Independence
      Avenue to fetch sandwiches from there for bleary-eyed legal aides and
      their bosses.

      It seems as if the American Attention Span is waning these past few
      days. That's disappointing, as this election business is great stuff,
      fostering endless political debates even among non-wonks. The idea
      that the country is tired of this situation is pure nonsense. This
      opinion is usually expressed by Republicans who are nervously playing
      the clock. The Canadians just hand-counted millions of votes in a
      matter of hours and the U.S. certainly can as well. Unfortunately the
      back-woods good-ol-boys' network is alive and well in Florida and
      some judges and legislators seem to be blatantly running that clock
      out. George Bush's electors from Florida are already certified and on
      paper. Now the Florida legislature wants to make sure that no matter
      what happens this week in the courts, Jeb's little brother will win.
      By scheduling an emergency session Friday to pick electors, the state
      GOP leaders are showing just how partisan this fight has become. This
      is an end-run around the rule of law and just plain wrong.

      No matter what happens in the next few days, Dick Cheney might not
      make it to the Inauguration. Two days after being released from the
      hospital for yet another heart situation Gov. Bush had him planning
      the transition, meeting with reporters, interviewing candidates, and
      generally acting as party spokesman. Meanwhile, back in Crawford
      Texas, the governor was trying to get in a good nap. Apparently,
      Republicans realize that Bush's deer-in-headlight speeches to the
      American public aren't presidential and not helping his cause. The
      plan is to keep him out of sight and have Mr. Cheney do all the
      footwork. Unfortunately, doctors have told the former secretary of
      defense to get plenty of rest in the next few weeks and the chances
      of another situation is highly probable due to continuing heart
      concerns. Prudence demands that the GOP ease up on this man. Let the
      kid come out to=20 play.

      America's best and worse qualities are on display for the world to
      see now and we should all be proud. The political dialogue that has
      been sparked is quite strong and no situation in the last hundred
      years has so strongly tested our country's political mettle. Phooey
      to those pundits who criticize this situation. We will pick our next
      president through a series of court hearings and political wrangling
      in Florida. Let the chips fall where they may. If they can't figure
      it out in the sunshine state our Supreme Court will step back in and
      decide who gets to stand on that podium at the bottom of the hill. On
      this, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor bombing, this country can
      sleep peacefully knowing that we will remain strong through our
      election crisis.

      But it may be time for some more club sandwiches...


      December 7, 2000

      Rotating Outages Not Required at this Time

      (Folsom, CA) The California Independent System Operator (California
      ISO) declared its first Stage Three Emergency today at 5:15,
      Thursday, December 7, 2000, but rotating blackouts have not been
      ordered at this time. This Stage Three declaration enables the
      California ISO to receive emergency asistance from the Wastern Area
      Power Administration (WAPA) and the California Department fo Water
      Resources (CDWR) to help meet the day's peak demand, forecasted to be
      33,839 megawatts at approximately 6:00 pm this evening. California
      ISO is hopeful that these additional resources will help avoid
      rotating blackouts throughout the state.

      Higher than usual consumer demand for this time of year coupled with
      more than 11,000 megawatts of generation off line and a decrease in
      imported power has jeopardized the operating reserves necessary to
      maintain electrical reliability.

      The California ISO is strongly urging consumers statewide to conserve
      electricity this evening. Stage One and Stage Two emergencies were
      called earlier today and are in effect until 10 pm.

      Stage Three of the states Electrical Emergency Plan (EEP) is required
      when operating reserves fall below one-and-a-half percent. The
      California ISO's EEP is part of the state's enhanced reliability
      standards created by landmark legislation Assembly Bill 1890, which
      restructured California's electricity industry.

      California ISO is charged with managing the flow of electricity along
      the long-distance, high-voltage power lines that make up the bulk of
      California's transmission system. The not-for-profit public-benefit
      corporation assumed responsibility in March, 1998, when California
      opened its energy markets to competition and the state's investor-
      owned utilities turned their private transmission lines over to the
      California ISO to manage. The mission of the California ISO is to
      safeguard the reliable delivery of electricty, facilitate markets and
      ensure equal access to a 12,500 circuit mile "electron highway."

      Information about the California ISO control area's electricity
      supply and the current demand is available on the web at


      ELECTION MESS A CIA COVERT OPERATION? by Sherman H. Skolnick 12/8/00

      Old-timers with covert operations expertise felt in their gut that
      something about the year 2000 presidential election blitz was part of
      intelligence agency covert scheme. In spy parlance, they suspected the
      American people are victims of "black ops". Invoking "national
      security", the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ordered the major
      and wire services to play down if not entirely omit any possible CIA
      complicity mentioned in an Associated Press story later "spiked". Here
      are portions of the apparently censored story:

      "Thursday December 7 4:15 AM ET Florida Official Admits Helping GOP By
      VICKIE CHACHERE, Associated Press Writer TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP)- One
      attorney charged there was a 'sinister' conspiracy to aide George W.
      Bush. A former CIA agent said he was trying to help GOP voters. A
      election official said she let Republican operatives correct absentee
      ballot applications."

      And later in the story:

      As to the Martin County case, AP said: "Charles Kane, who testified he
      worked for the FBI and retired from the CIA in 1975, said nothing
      secretive and sinister occurred. 'We had an obligation to them', he
      of Republicans who had received the inaccurate ballot document.'We had
      filled out their forms. We did not see this as altering. All we saw
      as was correcting a problem caused by the Republican Party of

      A later AP version omitted these matters.

      Even in the apparently suppressed story, Associated Press left out
      plenty. Retired CIA and other agency covert operations agents contend
      the Charles Kane who testified in the Martin County, Florida case is
      same Charles Kane they have known for many years. They describe
      Kane as being reportedly as follows:

      ===When he was younger, Charles Kane reportedly looked almost exactly
      like Lee Harvey Oswald, the CIA "patsy" blamed by the fraudulent
      Commission as the "lone assassin" in 1963 of President John F.
      Several assassination researchers in their magazine articles and books
      have described how Oswald was framed up with situations involving
      "look-alikes". The book suppressed in the U.S., "Farewell America",
      an extensive detailing of this.

      ===Charles Kane was reportedly part of CIA's super-secret bloody dirty
      tricks project called "Operation 40".

      ===Charles Kane reportedly played a role in CIA's aborted invasion in
      1961 of Cuba at the "Bay of Pigs".

      ===Charles Kane was active in Chicago with CIA-mafia gangsters
      Sam "Momo" Giancana, murdered with an OSS special type assassin gun in
      1975, the same year the current Charles Kane testified he retired from
      the American CIA. Kane was also reportedly active with Johnny
      Roselli, a
      CIA-mafia operative murdered shortly after Giancana. [Some details are
      in "Double Cross" the book by Giancana relatives.] Kane reportedly
      helped Chicago area gangsters, including Giancana, plant the
      8,000 ballots in Chicago that enabled John F. Kennedy to carry
      and its Electoral College vote in 1960. Nixon was left out as a
      Nixon later played a key role at CIA's "Bay of Pigs" fiasco, blamed
      the newly-inaugurated President Kennedy.

      ===Charles Kane for many years reportedly was part of "Executive
      activities of the FBI and CIA,originally domestic and overseas coups
      political assassinations but in more recent years dirty tricks short
      actual political murders.

      Has the CIA complicity in orchestrating the Florida presidential
      election scandal, as well as other events in the U.S., started to
      unravel? Has an apparent split in American CIA surfaced by way of the
      testimony of Charles Kane? Why then was he a witness in the Martin

      Equally puzzling is the reprnting in softcover, just prior to the year
      2000 Presidential Election, of the book "1876" by Gore Vidal. [He is a
      distant relative of Albert Gore, Jr. Fancy people use their
      grandmother's last name as their first name.] Originally published in
      1976, by Random House, Inc., the last 80 pages or so of the book give
      the details of the Samuel Tilden-Rutherford B. Hayes election struggle
      of 1876, a extremely close election where one candidate got a
      of the national popular vote and the other got the majority Electoral
      College vote. Strange, but it centered, in part around FLORIDA and
      massive corruption of public officials as to the election.

      Conspiracy theorists assert that the year 2000 election seems to use
      book "1876" as a nearly exact blueprint, for how the nation can be
      divided up. Tilden, according to Gore Vidal's book, never conceded but
      lived out his life contending he had been the elected President.
      sought at the site of the Presidential inauguration to be sworn in as
      the elected President but was blocked by armed troops. As re-createed
      Vidal's book, the country almost boiled over into a second American
      Civil War.

      Little-known to the public,all the major Establishment news networks
      newswire services about to run stories about the American CIA, have to
      get prior clearance from the spy agency. In the U.S., there is a
      non-statutory version of Britain's Official Secrets Act requiring
      articles to be circulated effecting "national security" to be first
      submitted to be approved. In a like fashion in the U.S., such articles
      have to be submitted in advance to the CIA Censorship Board or a
      almost unknown agency or

      British press outlets and newswire services that run afoul of the law
      are subject to having their equipment, presses, radio and television
      transmitting instruments, buildings, and vehicles seized by the London
      government. On the other hand, American outlets, under presidential
      edict rather than law-by-Congress, if accused of about to violate
      "national security", are subject to having their satellite links
      by the super-secret satellite operations agency, the National
      Reconnaissance Office, NRO; websites shut down; and their wire service
      connections, domestic and overseas, terminated. The U.S. Secret
      reserves the arbitrary power to themselves to keep "un-co-operative"
      journalists from attending important press conferences, by denying
      mandatory press credentials and security clearances, thus making such
      journalists unemployable.

      The American CIA and their "privitized" adjuncts, such as reportedly
      Wackenhut, have long engaged in overthrowing foreign governments,
      assassinating popular U.S.leaders and officials, caused fake foreign
      domestic "emergencies" and coups. WHY is it hard then to believe they
      would not also orchestrate, on a vast scale, the overthrowing of the
      American Central Government, to favor, for example, the British
      to return us to a puppet colony status? Some contend we may see the
      American Constitution overthrown by such means and the nation run by
      Martial Law as a way of dealing with an expected U.S. financial

      Stay tuned. [I am attaching a copy of the "spiked" AP story posted on
      another website.]
      Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer and since 1963,
      founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since
      he has been a regular panelist and since 1995, moderator/producer of
      "Broadsides", a popular weekly one-hour public access Cable TV Show,
      cablecast within Chicago, to some 400,000 viewers each Monday evening,
      9PM, Channel 21 Cable TV. For a heavy packet of our printed stories
      send $5.00 [U.S. funds} plus a stamped, self-addressed BUSINESS size
      envelope [#10 envelope, 4-1/8 x 9-1/2] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT to
      Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick,
      Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 8 a.m.
      to midnight,most 7 days: (773) 375-5741. PLEASE do not bombard this
      listed phone with "JUST ROUTINE" calls. Website:
      http://www.skolnicksreport.com [note "s" after name in website

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