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second issue of alterNewswire is up

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  • Russ Kick
    alterNewswire What s *Really* Happening www.alternewswire.com ... Please feel free to forward this email to any individuals or discussion lists that might be
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2000
      What's *Really* Happening


      Please feel free to forward this email to any
      individuals or discussion lists that might be interested


      The second issue of the alterNewsire is online, and it's a doozy. Almost 100 stories from the world's media handpicked to reveal what's *really* happening.


      President Clinton Says That Small Amounts of Marijuana Should be Decriminalized > Also thinks entire system of drug imprisonment should be reworked

      FDA Finds Problems with Red Cross Blood > "The American Red Cross is failing to ensure the safety of the nation's blood supply, putting blood transfusion recipients at risk of being infected with viruses and bacteria, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded."

      US Man Reportedly Eyed in USS Cole Bombing
      Also Said to be Tied to Terrorist Group

      Big Potential Security Problem with AOL 6.0

      Confirmation: FBI Taps Computer Keyboards to Monitor Activity


      Security Sources Play Down Clinton Bomb Report

      British and American Bombing Raids Against Iraq Continue

      Firestone Tires Eyed in 29 More Deaths

      Philip Morris Puts up Good Citizen Smokescreen

      Family in Court over Circumcision

      Putting Polygamy on Trial in Utah

      Ministry of Defence Fails to Suppress New Book

      Network Cancels Movie After Pharmaceutical Company Complains

      Duke University to Allow Same-Sex Unions in Its Chapel

      International Cybercrime Treaty Set to Trash Privacy

      IRS Considers Regulating Web Speech

      Adult Trials for Juveniles on the Rise

      Japan Secretly Executes 3 Prisoners

      The Torture of Children: The World's Secret Shame

      Pentagon: US Soldiers Massacred Unarmed Refugees During Korean War

      Autopsy: Actor Killed by Police Shot in Back

      New York Panel "Lost" Hundreds of Complaints Against Cops

      D.A.R.E. Deputy's Firing Over Booze-Pot Bust Upheld

      Accusation: Britain's MI6 Responsible for 2 Assassinations, Including Newspaper Owner Robert Maxwell

      Abuse Inquiry at Top Catholic School

      Pope to Receive Far-Right Politician from Austria

      Flu Shot Reactions Worry Officials

      Experts Dispute Breast Cancer Test Standards

      Israel Moves to Ban Ritalin

      Patients Involved in Heart-Stopping Experiment without Their Knowledge

      Canada to Start Testing Immigrants for HIV

      Ozone Hole "Set to Shrink"

      CO2 May Not Always be to Blame for Global Warming

      Standard Feature of Web Browser Design Leaves Opening for Privacy Attacks

      Knives Blamed for Rise in Scotland's Murder Rate

      Belgium Legalizes Pot in Medical Treatments

      Scientist Discover Oldest Human-Like Bones

      Britain's Probe Will Beat NASA to Mars

      Scientists Search Thailand for Hairy Elephant That Resembles Wooly Mammoth

      Study: Most Kevorkian Suicides Weren't Terminally Ill

      Yet Another Ignored Warning of Pearl Harbor

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