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West Nile Virus Sprayings Bogus and Deadly PT2

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    Please send as far and wide as possible. Thanks, Robert Sterling Editor, The Konformist http://www.konformist.com Origin of the West Nile Virus? In his
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      Please send as far and wide as possible.


      Robert Sterling
      Editor, The Konformist

      Origin of the West Nile Virus?

      In his pre-Halloween "DISPATCH" in The New Yorker , Richard Preston
      treated us
      to another trick. Concerning at least five people who died in the New York
      vicinity from WNV, Preston reported the CIA's concern was that the outbreak
      have been a bioterrorist attack. "How else did it get" to America, he asked.
      he explained, "The West Nile virus was first identified by virologists in
      1937 in the
      West Nile district of Uganda."

      Reading between the lines, Preston neglected to explain where these
      pioneering virologists came from and who funded them. The answer is very
      found in a review of the scientific and historic literature.

      Beginning in the 1920s, the fields cancer, virology, and "public
      health" were
      virtually entirely funded by the Rockefeller family in cooperation with
      Alfred P. Sloan, chief benefactors and directors of the later developed
      Sloan-Kettering Memorial Cancer Research Center.

      By 1930, John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company, had "married"
      the German chemical/pharmaceutical cartel known as I.G. Farben. Farben,
      Germany's leading industrial organization, managed Hilter's rise from ruin
      riches as leader of the Nazi party. Farben's directors-the cream of the SS
      Third Reich-decided that Jewish people would best serve as slave labor in
      corporate "concentration camps." Hitler's "racial hygiene program," historic
      documents proved, evolved from the "scientific eugenics" efforts of the
      Rockefeller family, the British Royal Family, and other powerful political
      notables including Prescott Bush, George Bush's father! At that time,
      Rockefeller money built the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics,
      Anthropology and Human Heredity in pre-Nazi Germany. Then, Rockefellers
      and friends instilled Ernst Rudin, as the institute's director. He later
      became Hitler's
      chief racial hygienist. Margaret Sanger, the grand matriarch of "family
      and "world population control," worked vigorously, at that time, to herald
      necessary elimination of "dysgenic" people-mainly Blacks.

      Erich Traub, a world class virologist who became Hitler's biological
      chief, and following World War II came to work for the US Navy under the top
      CIA "Project Paperclip," likely received Rockefeller support before, as well
      as after,
      the war. A covert operation, "Paperclip" was largely administered by Henry
      with full knowledge and support from the Rockefellers and their business
      John Foster and Allen Dulles of the OSS/CIA. Thus, Erich Traub's early work
      likely being funded by the Rockefeller-Sloan cancer directorship by 1937.
      Subsequents efforts in the West Nile district of Uganda by "virologists"
      for this cancer consortium also included the testing of the first cancer
      A derivative of mustard gas used during World War I, the chemical toxin,
      Sloan investigators claimed, was highly effective in stopping the growth of
      (as well as dysgenic people).

      Furthermore, a Litton Bionetics report to the NCI in 1971 listed
      virtually every
      virus, viral recombinant, and infectious agent under study by the world's
      cancer researchers, vaccine developers, and biological weapons contractors.
      It lacked mention of WNV. Instead, the only encephalitis virus cited was
      "Dawson's encephalitis" virus, likely deriving its name not from the West
      district of Uganda, but from a Rockefeller-linked cancer investigator by the
      of Dawson who was clearly affiliated, by NCI contract, with Litton, the IARC
      laboratory, and by association to the CIA.

      Unfortunately, Preston did not relay this politically incorrect
      background in
      The New Yorker-Rockefeller home turf.

      Burried Intelligence Between
      Propaganda Lines

      Throughout his article, Preston weaved a web of paranoia-inciting intrigue
      the mysterious New York outbreak. "People are bystanders," he claimed,
      "caught in
      the crossfire-bitten by chance by an infected mosquito."

      Ironically, in 1975, according to the Congressional Record, during
      Frank Church's investigation of the CIA for illegally storing and testing
      biological weapons, CIA officials testified that they had development a
      weapon to administer toxins, including infectious biologicals, that fired a
      micro-dart. It felt like a mosquito bite when it hit.

      Later, in the article, Preston advanced an alternative bioterrorist
      by articulating the suspicions of Ken Alibek, a Russian biological weapons
      Alibek had conveniently defected to America just in time to join Preston and
      a cadre of
      CIA bioterror propagandists currently at the forefront of what amounts to a
      full-fledged attack on the public's mind, as well as U.S. National Security.
      After all, Preston quoted Secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig (a good
      German name)
      as saying bioterrorists could easily get away with an outbreak that appears
      He then relayed what a "top scientist who advises the FBI," had told him.
      This "person who has been deeply involved with bioterror planning"
      "If I was planning a bioterror event, I'd do things with subtle finesse, to
      make it look
      like a natural outbreak. That would delay the response and lock up the
      decision-making process." Interesting that Preston's prose is unique in
      American journalism and US military history, if not treasonous-
      delivering attack strategies to potential enemies.

      Preston, in a previous New Yorker article (Mar. 9, 1999), bragged about
      insider information regarding biological warfare and bioterrorism even
      CIA chiefs. He said CIA officials have relied on him for information!
      Regarding the
      West Nile story, however, Preston risked losing even lay reader credibility
      providing an inane argument amid more of the steady stream of anti-Iraqi
      propaganda familiar to intelligence observers. An alleged Iraqi dissident
      in hiding, Mikhael Ramadan, a Saddam Hussein look-alike, Preston wrote,
      had predicted "that Saddam would unleash a virus just months before the same
      one broke out unexpectedly in New York . . . It was enough to make any
      bioweapons analyst at the CIA feel uneasy." Citing Saddam's alleged interest
      in a West Nile virus strain, and conveniently omitting American contractors'
      more voluminous contribution to Iraqi biological weapons arsenals, after a
      lengthy and frightening discussion, he admitted that this prospect of using
      West Nile encephalitis virus in New York for bioterrorism was absolutely
      The fact is, it only killed five people and a lot of crows. He did not rule
      out, however,
      the great likelihood that this was a CIA brokered event, orchestrated for
      propaganda purposes to prepare the public's mind to willingly accept

      Veteran observers will recall such propaganda tactics successfully used
      recent years concerning such threats of bioterrorism aimed at Muslim's or
      Iraqi nationals. Two years ago, a man claiming to be a CIA microbiologist
      the internet abuzz with claims that Muslim women were bringing vials full of
      anthrax into the United States in their crotches. Weeks later, the man,
      Larry Wayne Harris, was observed at a national "Preparedness Expo"
      demonstrating microbial incubators and spraying devices that, he said,
      could be used for bioterrorism.

      Further investigation by this author, including interviews with some of
      Harris's intimates, revealed that he had most likely been mind-manipulated
      CIA controllers for counterintelligence purposes. Even without this
      I was able to predict, six months in advance, Mr. Harris's use in
      counterintelligence at a critical time-on the eve of the Clinton
      announcment threatening renewed war with Iraq. As United Nations Secretary
      Kofi Anan was making a final bid with Hussein to avert further conflict,
      Harris was
      being set up for arrest in Las Vegas on possession of what was thought to be
      His arrest made front page news as did the CIA's message that bioterrorists
      are everywhere,
      particularly in the Arab world. (For more information see
      "Larry Wayne Harris" articles posted on the internet in the "FTP" archives
      at www.tetrahedron.org.)

      Dr. Alibek later stated that he had informed people on Capitol Hill
      that the
      West Nile outbreak was suspicious. "I told them, 'It will not be possible to
      whether or not it is terrorism unless we have a thorough study.' We need to
      these situations with a high degree of seriousness," he cautioned.

      Congressional Dysfunction

      Indeed, further study by congressional investigators is indicated. In
      when Congressman Dan Burton's (R-Indiana) Government Reforms Committee
      met later that month to examine suspicious ties between biological weapons
      contractors, defense department contracts, and vaccine industry practices,
      decided not to examine the documents I was officially requested to send Beth
      the hearings coordinator. The reprinted contracts in Emerging Viruses: AIDS
      & Ebola
      linking Litton Bionetics to the first Ebola virus, and the Merck
      company contract in which hepatitis B vaccines were administered to gay men
      New York City and Blacks in Central Africa, apparently tainted with HIV,
      were too
      controversial for their focus. Burton's committee was apparently unwilling
      to air the
      facts in light of the fiction regarding ongoing biological assaults on
      taxpayers, Third World populations, and global genocide.

      As Secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig, admitted in Preston's spoof,
      "Even if you suspect biological terrorism, it's hard to prove. It's equally
      hard to
      disprove. This is more illuminating of my prediction that we won't
      know when bioterror has occurred than it is illuminating of . . ." potential

      Thus, congressional investigators need not risk their careers
      fundamentally objectionable truths about covert US military biological
      like Secretary Danzig. Forget that his department has been at the forefront
      biological weapons research and development since Erich Traub, Hitler's top
      biological weapons developer was drafted into the Navy by Henry Kissinger
      the late 1940s. Since then, the Navy has been at the helm of research and
      in ways to disseminate lethal biologicals for the CIA and British MI6 "black

      Foreshadowing "Chemtrail" Technology and the Rise of the "Forth Reich"

      Revolting as it may seem, the CIA and US Navy, working in tandem with
      Army, haven't spared military, or civilian populations, from germ warfare
      "experiments" or outright biological attacks. Frank Church's investigating
      committee learned, for instance, that the "USS Coral Sea anchored in Kampton
      and the USS F.D. Bailey at sea off [the] entrance to Kampton . . ." had been
      at least seventeen times with biological agents ranging from strains of
      (physically similar to anthrax) to E. coli. (Mutant strains of E. coli had
      prepared possibly leading to the development of severly lethal varieties of
      bioweapons including strain 157 reponsible for dozens of deaths and the
      suspicious takeover of the Hudson Beef Company by Clinton family friend,
      Don Tyson, and his Springdale, Arkansas-based Tyson Foods Company.)10
      Civilians in the New York subway system, under the skies of San Francisco,
      and in
      the tunnels of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, had been sprayed likewise with
      biological inhalants. Similarly, U.S. legislators learned in 1999 the little
      reported fact
      that Gulf War troops, as many as 200,000, were unwittingly used in AIDS
      experiments wherein portions of the AIDS virus, HIV, were recombined with
      a "pathogenic mycoplasma," isolated, tested, and then patented by
      Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for the
      Registry of Pathology in Washington, D.C. The patent is reprinted and
      discussed in
      this authors book, Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (Tetrahedron
      Publishing Group, 1999).

      Therefore, it is no wonder, regarding the 1999 West Nile virus
      Richard Preston concluded, "This valley in New Jersey reminded me in a
      way of Kitum Cave, . . . a haunting place I'd seen some years ago." Much
      the "chemtrails" containing ethylene dibromide-another human chemical
      and immune system destroyer-being sprayed by high flying military aircraft
      in recent months, such "outbreaks"
      are hauntingly reminicent of a litany of crimes against
      humanity, violations of the Nuremberg Code, by secret agents effecting
      for global colonialists, (often called the "oligarchy" or "illuminati") that
      many fear is
      the rising "Forth Reich."

      Summary and Conclusions

      It is known, in military circles, as the "Russian biological cocktail."
      I suppose it's
      so named by the Americans who invented it. This method of choice of
      and eliminating excess or targeted populations calls for the delivery of
      of biological and chemical agents-so called "co-factors." This makes
      diagnosis and treatment of these
      multiple simultaneous exposures/intoxications/infections difficult, if
      not impossible. Thus waged, biochemical warfare cannot be traced to its
      and affords the ability to deliver economic and "non-lethal" substitutes for
      traditional warfare, while creating a
      dependance among those attacked on the stealth aggressors
      for their ameliorative products and services. The full benefits of this
      military option
      are discussed at length elsewhere.9, 10

      Given this background, it is absurd to believe, as many foolish
      surfers apparently do, that "chemtrail" sprayings represent an earnest
      effort to
      immunize mass populations against anthrax attack. Such deceptive reasoning
      and communications merely serve a Hegelian dialectic-to confuse the issues
      and shield
      the perpetrators of ongoing atrocities.

      In short, what is being conducted in the name of "public health," and
      "national security," are biological and chemical weapons applications
      reminicent of
      Nazi atrocities, and the propaganda mechanisms used to disguise them. These
      are apparently ongoing to
      fulfill economic, political, and ideological objectives. Who,
      in essence, makes more money by waging war and delivering disease and death
      to Americans than the
      Rockefeller family? Who, in the US has recognized the urgent
      need to reduce native and world populations, and has put their money to this
      more than the Rockefellers? Finally, who believes more firmly that "useless
      eaters," including "dysgenic"
      races of humans, should be shepparded to extinction more than
      those who intiated the eugenics movement-the world's first "racial hygiene
      on American soil. Indeed, no one embraces these concerns more vigorously
      than the Rockefeller family,
      the Royal Family of England, and America's royalty-the Bush
      family. As media outlets herald the completion of the "Human Genome
      the contemporary name substitute for "eugenics"-those that initiated global
      to control populations and human evolution almost a century ago, are on the
      of achieving in Past President George Bush's words, "a kinder and friendlier
      . . .
      New World Order."

      About the author:

      Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. is a Harvard graduate, independent
      investigator, and an internationally recognized authority in public health
      AIDS education. The 1999 "Author of the Year" award recipient from the World
      Natural Health Organization, and one of American healthcare's most
      speakers, his tenth book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-Nature, Accident
      or Intentional? become a national best-seller in 1998. This work is largely
      for public health and vaccine policy changes in at least three Third World
      For more information regarding Dr. Horowitz's many books, videotapes, and
      health programs, call toll free 1-888-508-4787, or contact
      www.tetrahedron.org on
      the internet. Please address communications to Dr. Horowitz by way of his
      publisher: Tetrahedron Publishing Group, P. O. Box 2033, Sandpoint, Idaho,


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      "American medical research laboratory," was provided by C. Sally, M.D., an
      African physician and post-doctoral laboratory assistant who worked there at
      that time. According to Dr. Sally, mosquitos were blamed, then as well, for
      spreading Burkitt's lymphoma to Black children, though, he said, his
      colleagues new better. The truth was that experimental vaccines had
      delivered the cancer virus through the mothers to their infants. Dr. Sally's
      audiotaped testimony is included in: Horowitz 'On Vaccines' from Tetrahedron
      Publishing Group (1-888-508-4787), 1998, by this author.

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