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Adoration will end early this Friday, Nov 2nd

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  • Nick Lonergan
    From: Carl Guichard To: kofc_Council_12072@yahoogroups.com ; Nick Lonergan
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      From: Carl Guichard <cguichard@...>
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      Subject: Fwd: Adoration will end early this Friday, Nov 2nd

      Brother Knights,

      Please see the below notice regarding our normal 6PM support of MQP First-Friday Adoration. There is an All Souls Day mass at 7PM so please try to support a 6PM Adoration time instead, or some other time that meets God's and your time table.


      Carl Guichard
      Grand Knight
      Mary Queen of Peace Council

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      Subject: Adoration will end early this Friday, Nov 2nd
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      This is a reminder that we will have Adoration this Friday, Nov 2nd from
      10 am to 6pm .  Adoration will end early due to a 7pm Memorial Mass for
      All Souls Day.

      There will be no adoration for the 6:00 and 7:00 hours this Friday.

      We thank you for your commitment and dedication to spend time with Our
      Lord. If you are able to come to adoration at an earlier time, even if
      it is not for the full hour, we encourage you to do so.  We ask that you
      still please sign in.

      May God Bless you, your family,

      Maria Guichard & Betty Eberts
      MQP Adoration Ministry

      ....I share this passage with you as it was shared with me through one
      of my prayer groups:

      God Bless.

      Esther 4:3

      Only the people of God can come before the King of kings and the Lord of
      grace to intercede and plead for His mercy on behalf of our country at
      this critical time with the election at hand. We are in God's unique
      time and place, just as Esther was. Esther's fast gave her boldness to
      go before the king. God turned everything around, He wrought the great
      victory for them. Impossibility became possibility. Death was turned
      into life, defeat into victory, and mourning into rejoicing. Fasting
      puts the enemy to shame and puts you in God's favor. There is no
      difficulty that we cannot overcome through prayer and fasting. We are
      proclaiming an Esther- 3 day fast for the Lord to have mercy on our
      country through the outcome of this election.

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