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1771New Web site launch - signup email coming

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  • Carl Guichard
    Jun 18, 2014

      Brother Knights,

      We have been having problems with Yahoo mail, the mechanics of it, they make changes that make the system more difficult... and not to mention their choice of adverticements are soiled.

      Additionally, as hard as several of us tried to revive our web page we were unseccessful without spending alot of money.

      An alternative became available through a Knight with an idea. They created a Knights web site that will act as a nation wide FaceBook styled system and therefore gives each council a website to taylor, an email system that is simple and internal to the council to manage, and one that is going to interconnect all council officers to their council members, connect the councils to the state officials and then simultaniously connect the councils to Supreme.

      Therefore, we are the pilot council and I need your help. You will be recieving an invitation to our new web site so please accept it and log in, choosing your own password. Once you have accepted, then we will be able slowely transition communications through our own controlled site. As the selected officers add events to the calendar you will recieve an email regarding the details. As they update event news they have the option to sent you an update...

      For now I would appreciate the minimal support of accepting the invite, we will upload photos, update the calendar... and we will send out a survey before summer's end to get your feedback.

      Vivat Jesu'

      Carl Guichard
      Grand Knight
      (985) 960-7089