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1689Super Bowl Sunday Gumbo Fundraiser

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  • Nick Lonergan
    Jan 25, 2014
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      Brother Knights,
      Our Super Bowl Gumbo Fundraiser is next weekend, February 1/2. We plan to sell 100 gallons, in quarts and pints after masses on Saturday evening and Sunday morning, take out only. There will be no sales at the 6 PM mass on Sunday. The cost is the same as previous years, $5 for pints and $10 for quarts, which includes a side of rice. Bulletin notices and flyers have been submitted for inclusion for the weekend masses.
      We need our brother Knights to volunteer to help. Prep work will be done Wednesday evening and it appears we had enough men volunteer for this from our meeting.
      We will begin cooking Saturday at noon and we need help to portion the gumbo in containers starting around 2:30 PM. At approximately 4 PM we have to set up the outside canopies, the generator, the tables and bring the gumbo out for sale for after the 5 PM mass. We will need several men to help sell then help to pick up. We should be completed by 6:30 PM
      Sunday morning, Steve Fradella will begin cooking a second batch of gumbo starting at 6 AM. We will need additional help to arrive at 8 AM to help portion that batch and help with the sales after the 8 AM mass. We will need two sets of sales groups since we will be selling outside in front of church and also in the cafeteria while donuts are being served. Steve will also cook a third batch  Sunday, which will also need to be portioned out for sale after the 9:30 and 11:30 masses.
      As you can see will be need several men to work Sunday from 8 AM until 1 PM, cooking, selling, and cleaning up.
      God Bless and hope you can find time to work with your brother Knights for this worthy fund raiser.
      Nick Lonergan, PGK
      Membership Director
      985-727-3600 - h
      504-610-9694 - c