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1631Northshore Knights Chorus - want to sing?

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  • Carl Guichard
    Oct 23 3:45 PM

      Brother Knights,

      If some of you would like to sing in a KofC chorus for the Lord then please see below.

      Carl Guichard
      Grand Knight
      (985) 960-7089

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      From: "Bill McCrossen" <wjm4727@...>
      Date: Oct 19, 2013 1:14 PM
      Subject: Northshore Knights Chorus
      To: "Philip Zima" <philipzima@...>, "Tyrone Stewart" <tyronestewart93@...>, "Carl Guichard" <ctguichard@...>, "David W Wilson" <dwilson@...>, "Tom Cooper" <tomalou85@...>
      Cc: "Jimmy Senac" <jsenac@...>

      Worthy Grand Knights,

      Jerry Alonzo, a Brother Knight from Council 3061, has formed a chorus made up of Brother Knights from councils on the Northshore.  They have already begun practice but are looking for more "singers". The practices are being held each Tuesday night at St Benedict's church at 7pm. Jerry will be contacting you in the near future about the possibility of making a presentation at one of your meetings.
      He can be reached at 985-893-4706.


      Bill McCrossen

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