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Sisu: Newbieness & Scoring

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    Sisu, some time ago you asked: (1) whether the Join or Score list is more relevant in determining one s importance in #KIA; and (2) how to improve your
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2000
      Sisu, some time ago you asked: (1) whether the Join
      or Score list is more relevant in determining one's
      "importance" in #KIA; and (2) how to improve your
      score. Hope you're still interested in a response!

      (1) Like Sander said, there seems to be "degrees
      of newbieness" in #KIA so I've opted for the Join
      List, which means that in 100 years you could still
      be a "Newbie" to anyone who joined before April 2000.
      Consolation: If you're young, you'll outlive them!

      (2) As for improving your 600+ total points, well,
      let's make that 680 points (equivalent to 10 hrs of
      Omni), and let's assume that in an hour you score,
      on average, 6.8 questions. Conclusion: From April
      to October you spent 100 hrs playing in #KIA,
      approximately 14 hrs a month, 3-1/2 hrs a week,
      1/2 hr a day. You have two choices:-

      a) increase your time online - 100 hrs a month, 25
      hrs a week, 3-1/2 hrs a day would give you a monthly
      score of 680 points and a placing in the Top20; 7
      hrs a day would put you in the Top10; and 16 hrs a
      day could make you #1 with 3046 points.

      (b) smarten up your game play (there are NO rules
      prohibiting cheating/antisocial behaviour) - you
      can easily go from 6.8 answers an hr to 25+ by
      getting cable to improve your connection speed;
      taking speed typing lessons; feefing (especially
      from Newbies); getting a techie to teach you how
      to do remotes/aliases so you can auto/answer
      Internet Code and other repetitive questions in
      0-3 seconds; cutting out chat; putting everyone
      except Omni on /ignore to avoid snide comments
      designed to distract you; logging and editing your
      sessions so you have a personal search engine;
      buying a small encyclopedia of facts (a great tip
      I got from MOdreams); and (my favourite) d/loading
      lists from the web on every conceivable category
      from Soccer to "Chat-language" (which, incidentally,
      includes the dumb Newbie question "What is foms?"
      but when asked by Omni it's worth a point, thereby
      miraculously transforming it into a challenging and
      intelligent question fit for a TrivGod - hehe).

      Good luck!


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