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Re: Impromptu Knotty Get-Together

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  • asemery
    Like Lily says, please join us for this knotty get together on the 13th (2 weeks). We d love to see you. Tony (asemery)
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 29, 2013
      Like Lily says, please join us for this knotty get together on the 13th (2 weeks). We'd love to see you. Tony (asemery)

      --- In knottyers@yahoogroups.com, LoopyLacer@... wrote:
      > Hi, everyone:
      > Wow, it's been a long time -- guess I've been on facebook more than I
      > realized...
      > Okay, at the risk of this turning into a HUGE DEAL, which it really isn't,
      > I'm putting this out there so that later, no one says, "OH, MAN! Why
      > didn't you tell me!" LOL
      > In a few weeks, I will be in Philadelphia, PA, as part of my family's
      > vacation. I have always said that if I am ever in Philly, I absolutely MUST
      > find a way to meet Tony Emery, a fellow netter! Actually, Tony's so far out
      > of my league, I don't think it's appropriate to call him a fellow netter.
      > Perhaps "netting guru" may be more appropriate. LOL
      > So, after IM-ing Tony on AOL (we may be about the only two dinosaurs still
      > actually using aol <grin>), we have set the date of our meeting.
      > Saturday, July 13 (my last "full" day there), we will be getting together for a
      > little "bring and brag" session, and to talk and maybe show each other a few
      > knots on which we've been working, and/or could use some help - just
      > whatever happens to come to mind. We discussed the idea and agreed that we would
      > like to open it up to everyone who would care to join us. So if you are
      > driving-distance from Philly, I (we) would LOVE to meet you!
      > However, I don't want people just to "show up" -- I prefer knowing how
      > many people plan to attend, so if you are interested, please send me an
      > e-mail, at
      > LoopyLacer (at) aol (dot) com
      > for full details. I'll need to know how many want to come, so that I can
      > make arrangements with the hotel for just a little corner of their lobby or
      > a meeting room, or someplace away from the hotel, like a restaurant, if
      > necessary. :-)
      > Here's hoping this impromptu knotty gathering will be great fun for
      > everyone!
      > "...There's not a word yet
      > For old friends who've just met..." ~ Paul Williams, via Kermit the
      > Frog, The Muppet Movie
      > Hugs, all...
      > Lily
      > Happily entangled in my own knots!
      > Lily Qualls Morales
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