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Re: [KnotTyers] Queen Mary, Meeting 2013

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  • Lindsey Philpott
    You are very welcome Tim and I hope we may look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting in San Pedro s Ports o Call area next to Utro s
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      You are very welcome Tim and I hope we may look forward to seeing you at our next monthly meeting in San Pedro's Ports o' Call area next to Utro's restaurant.  I certainly enjoyed meeting with you and I hope that you are now wanting to tie some more!

      President & Board Member IGKTPAB

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      I recently learned about the IGKT and that there was a local group
      IGKT-PAB. Looking around the web-sites I saw there was to be a meeting
      aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach Ca, only 30 minutes from my home. I
      thought what a great way to get an introduction. So I attended on
      Saturday, May 11th. I must say I had a GREAT time. It was wonderful to
      meet people from around the world (Great Britain, Australia, France,
      USA, Canada.....) sharing their enjoyment of this craft. I benefited
      from every conversation I had. Bruce, Jim, Jon, Jimmy, Glen, Cliff,
      Lindsey, John and so many others thank you all for your time and your
      enthusiasm. I especially would like to thank Glen for sitting with me,
      patiently, for hours (it truly was hours) so I could learn how to tie
      that key fob. I know he would have liked to have also been visiting with
      others, as did I. There was so much to be learned in such a short
      period of time. I honestly enjoyed learning to tie that knot though and
      did not look at it as a waste of time. Staring at those cords for hours
      trying to figure out what goes where was extremely mentally exhausting.
      I laughed at my self often for not being able to figure out how to
      complete a "simple" three step knot. Others with far, far more
      experienced than I had just as much trouble, which also made me chuckle,
      not at them, but at the fact that what appears to be so simple can be a
      great challenge, even for those with years of experience. I absolutely
      meant no disrespect. In fact it actually increased my respect for them
      and the craft. I would not say Knotting is a physical challenge, I would
      say it's a mental challenge.

      I look forward to learning more and meeting others in the future.

      Thank you all!

      Tim Groleau

      Orange County, Ca.

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