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Re: [KnotTyers] Re: IGKT, Annual General Meeting and Knot-Tying Symposium

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  • Lindsey Philpott
    Good morning to you also Skip!   Sorry for not having replied sooner - work gets in the way sometimes of the playing classes!  To register for the Knotting
    Message 1 of 17 , Apr 26, 2013
      Good morning to you also Skip!
      Sorry for not having replied sooner - work gets in the way sometimes of the playing classes!  To register for the Knotting Symposium drop a line to secretary@... and Jimmy will direct you as to what is needed.  Registration is at a cost of $20 per person and that is payable in advance by Paypal.  Membership in IGKT is payable to membership@... and there is a link on their web page http://www.igkt.net/ with a form to fill out and their own Paypal account or credit card transactions.  If you are staying on board the Queen Mary you need to make your reservation through their web-site or by telephone and be SURE to mention that you are with the Knotting Symposium.  Their rate for us is $149 per room per night, which must be reserved and paid by April 30, 2013.  We will be meeting and greeting on Thursday night on board the ship (ask for registration at the front desk) and will likely have a cord-untangling event on board at that time
      (probably 5 through about 10-ish).  Next day is a relaxing trip to see the building of the galleon San Salvador in San Diego for those who sign up with me ahead of time - I need to make sure I get a correctly-sized bus!  We will travel by bus starting at 8 am from the QM.  We also hope to see the Kumeyaay Indian tribe making native twine near the site.  We also have the opportunity of visiting the San Diego Maritime Museum on board the Berkeley, a restored ferry from San Francisco.  Return in the evening to a well-earned break at a local hostelry - there are several to choose from but I will likely be going with a troupe to the brewery across the water from the ship, Rock Bottom Brewery.  There are dozens of restaurants near by on a free shuttle known as Passport.  Saturday starts with setting up at 8 am (do you want a table and chairs?) and then the AGM at 9 am by Skype with the folks in Henley-on-Thames, UK.  Presentations and discussions in
      the King's View room (same room as the AGM) all day with demonstrations and rope-making in or just outside the Queen's Salon, where the display material and the public will be.  Presenters get a break on the registration fee so bring your finest presentation and I will try to fit you in!  Write to me at this e-mail or my personal e-mail marline.man@... .  Speed knot-tying contest will be held at regular intervals in the same Queen's Salon throughout both days (Sat & Sun) looking to break the world record.  Supper at 1900 hrs will follow the day's activities, after a second meet & greet on the Verandah Deck at 1800 hrs, in the Verandah Grill - choices are chicken ($40) or salmon ($50) also payable in advance or at registration.  Price includes tax and tip.  Sunday the same and similar (only from 9 to noon) except we are expecting to have Mothers there for Sunday, it being Mother's Day and all, so maybe more in the way of making a few
      heart-shaped knots!  Let me know if you have any questions about all this - I will be sending out a further bulletin next week.

      President & Board Member IGKTPAB

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      Good Morning Lindsey,

      I looked at the calendar this morning, and suddenly realized that I've not registered for the IGKT event. What do I need to do? I also need to pay my dues so I can join this fine organization. Can I pay my dues by credit card or pay pal?

      Skip Hipps

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      Hi y'all!

      Here is the information you would like to know about the event:

      Check-in day/evening is May 9 on board the Queen Mary; no-host cocktails and meet/greet in the Promenade Lounge on board from 6 through 8
      May 10th is a get settled and find your time zone day and a day for getting about the area if you are interested in Long Beach and its surroundings. Suggested activities include Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm (why knot?), LEGOLAND for those with bigger kids or just for fun, Universal Studios for those who are still big kids. Then there are two trips especially for those who want something knot-related:
      1. Visit (bus trip) down to San Diego to see construction of the galleon San Salvador, a replica of the vessel Cabrillo sailed into San Diego Bay back in 1542 - we may also be able to get a view of Kumeyaay Indians making twine from local vegetation link here: http://www.sdmaritime.org/san-salvador-build/<http://www.sdmaritime.org/san-salvador-build/>
      2. Visit to Pelican Rope Works in Santa Ana by carpool or by bus if enough sign up (sign up page will be sent to all who ask me for it before March 15, 2013 - no sign up, no trip)
      Evening of May 10th another informal meet-up in the Promenade Lounge, possible trip to the Yard House or to Rock Bottom Brewery, more registration available
      May 11th - set up in Queen's Salon from 0700 to 0900 of displays, demonstrations, last-minute registration. 0900 to 1000 or so - 31st AGM for IGKT members only in King's Salon, non-members displaying are open to the public
      May 11th - 0900 to 1700 open to public and visitors for display of skills, abilities and crafts in Queen's Salon (check out their web-page for views (http://www.queenmary.com/meetings-and-conferences/meetings-and-conferences.php<http://www.queenmary.com/meetings-and-conferences/meetings-and-conferences.php>). Vendors are welcome - ask me for specifics. Tables and chairs provided - you bring the knots, we'll provide the supporting surface. Coffee and tea included twice - breakfast and lunch are on your own. Classes and demos in a variety of skills in the King's Salon from 100 to 1700 - see me for a separate schedule - if you have a skill you would like demonstrated or if you would like to demonstrate your skills to others please let me know. Right now we have classes and presentations on everything from Turk's Head Knots to rope-making to knot classification and much more besides - this is your show - make it so!
      May 11th - 1800 to 1900 - cocktails and formal reception on Verandah Deck of QM prior to Knot-Tyers supper for IGKT members, seating available by reservation only (through me) by March 31 and is limited (!), menu and details to be advised - members, non-members and guests will be welcomed to join us in the Verandah Grill for a sumptuous feast!
      May 12th - 0900 to 1200 more displays, demonstrations and classes in the Queen's Salon and King's Salon
      May 12th - 1400 to 1700 sailing trip on the brigantine Exy Johnson or Irving Johnson out of nearby San Pedro's Ports o' Call - seating is limited and you MUST arrange ahead of time through me.

      A rate of $149 per double room per night has been negotiated with the Queen Mary Hotel on the ship and the rooms are subject to your booking ahead by going to http://www.queenmary.com/<http://www.queenmary.com/> where you will see details of how to book a room. IF YOU DO NOT MENTION THE KNOT-TYING EVENT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THIS LOW RATE! Some have tried and been disappointed.

      Welcome one and all to Long Beach, May 2013!!!

      President IGKTPAB

      From: Joe Bates mailto:jcb3s%40me.com<mailto:jcb3s%40me.com>>
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      It's the 9th through the 12th of May, Jerry. You can make the reservations to stay on the boat. The info went out this fall some time, I believe although I can't remember the source, maybe the NAB. People are coming from all over the world.


      Joe Bates

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