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Re: [KnotTyers] Re: U S Navy manuals online

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  • charles jacobus
    Ahoy Boatswain Hensley; My BJM is the eleventh edition(1943). The marlinspike seamanship section is well illustrated.Different colors are used identify
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 20, 2013
      Ahoy Boatswain Hensley;
      My BJM is the eleventh edition(1943). The marlinspike seamanship section is well illustrated.Different colors are used identify different strands used  om making wall and crowns and Mathew Walker bitter end securings. No back splices.
      While serving aboard the USS New Jersey(BB-62) before recommissioning I was ordered to remake the eye splice in the number1 Hawser which is 8 inch Manila. It took two seaman and I quite a long time. We used a Commander (a very large Fid) to open up the strands in order to pass thru the bitter ends  while making the tucks. When one tuck was made I pounded that part to make compact as I could.. This eye splice took about two hours to complete. It passed the Warrant Officers inspection.
      I once passed the word .... Will the Commander lay aloft to the Pilot House.
      An hour later I was being ripped by the Captain in his cabin.Ah Memories.
      I will CARRY ON.
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      Anyone interested in US Navy marlinspike work and instructions should find copies of the Bluejackets Manual editions from the pre WWII years, which would be 14th edition or earlier. I went through booc camp in Great Lakes in 1951 and we spent half a day each week for about 5 weeks on Marlinespike Seamanship and most of the knots we worked on were in the Bluejackets Manual. I own several of them, different editions from different years.
      R. Hensley former Aviation Boatswain's Mate 3/c and lifetime knot tyer

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      > Hi Charlie,
      > Interesting they aren't Navy, I certainly got the impression from the site that they were, but I bow to your experience. The site is http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/navy/nrtc/ . It's not an official Navy site but you can see why i thought the docs were.Agree about the backsplice, I cannot see any good reason for using it, a whipping is far better. I have now moused my anchor shackle with Monel seizing wire in a figure eight pattern, 4 passes. will post a photo soon. Would you do f8 or plain round?
      > Regards, Peter H, Retired Jointer / Linesman, Electricity supply industry.
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      > On 1 Feb 2013, at 21:35, "charles jacobus" wrote:
      > > Ahoy Pete ...I have read most of the various articles you sent.
      > > Firstly,they are not US Navy publications.
      > > I noticed many items that the US Navy did not use in that matter.
      > > One in particular is the backsplice/ When a backsplice is increases the
      > > width of it. It could jam the block if it were passed thru like a fairlead.
      > > Regarding the mousing of a block.
      > > I have done the following many times. Seiizing wire was passed thru the eye
      > > of the bolt and passed around the main part of the shackle. Never copper wire.
      > > Mousing of a hook is quite different.
      > > Charlie ... Retired Bosun, Us Navy,_._,___
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