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  • LoopyLacer@aol.com
    In a message dated 7/29/2006 2:21:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time, astevens_0691@yahoo.com writes: In the first version, one starts with the traditional square
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2006
      In a message dated 7/29/2006 2:21:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      astevens_0691@... writes:

      In the first version, one starts with the traditional square knot 'right
      over left', adds one additional 'right over left' twist of the strings, and then
      completes the knot with 'left over right'. This version came undone in the
      washing machine just as quickly as a regular sqare knot. In the second
      surgical knot version, one starts with the traditionals square knot 'right over
      left', then continues with 'left over right', and finishes with a second 'left
      over right' twist of the strings, pulling tight gently.

      Hi, Merry:

      I've made quilts (comforters, in fact) and tied them with embroidery thread,
      because I couldn't find crochet thread in the colors I needed to match the
      quilt. I have to say that, by your description of the "surgical knot" you are
      using, that you're tying the knot incorrectly. It is not 'right over left,
      then right over left, then left over right' nor 'right over left then left
      over right, then left over right again' at all. A surgeon's knot is made like
      a reef (square) knot, but with an extra *tuck* in the first half of the knot.
      This means that when you make the 'right over left' you simply tuck the
      thread through a second time. Pull this very tightly, then make your 'left over
      right' -- you can add an extra tuck to this one, as well, if you like. This
      is how I tied three comforters that I made over eight years ago, which are
      still in use in my house today -- two identical ones for my sons, tied with
      crochet thread, and one for DH's side of the bed, tied with embroidery floss
      (with my hot flashes, I kick off all the covers on my side, yet he adds an
      extra one to his side <sigh>). : - )

      I hope all that makes sense. I tried to find a good website with an
      illustration of what I'm trying to say. Here's the only one I could find. The
      picture isn't too big, but hopefully, you'll get the idea:


      Now, as I said, I usually add a second tuck to the second half of the knot,
      as well as to the first half. I guess that's probably superfluous, but those
      comforters have not come untied in all these years. : - )

      One thing I will add, however, in all fairness. I did use several strands of
      embroidery floss for tying the comforter for DH. But from your description
      of the thickness of the hotpads you're making, they don't seem to be nearly
      as thick and will not get the 'wear and tear' a comforter does, imho, so only
      a double thickness seems to be in order, in this case. Simply double-thread
      your needle with ordinary 6-strand embroidery floss and tie away. Oh, all
      of the above applies to COTTON embroidery floss -- not the new metallics
      and/or rayon stuff. : - )

      Please post pictures and let us know how it all turns out, k? And welcome
      to knot tying -- you're gonna be hooked very soon, take my word for it. : - D

      Happy knotting, all...

      Lily -- just home from vacation and finally catching up on a *lot* of mail.

      Happily entangled in my own knots!
      Lily Qualls Morales
      Yucaipa, California, USA
      Committee Member, BSA Troop 33
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      Exodus 35:35

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