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Re: Sailors Whisk

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  • Ed
    Thanks, I was sure, after watching the posts on the MWK, that it s what my whisks were made of, the one type anyway. The diamond knot I have made a few whisks
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 31, 2005
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      Thanks, I was sure, after watching the posts on the MWK, that it's
      what my whisks were made of, the one type anyway.

      The diamond knot I have made a few whisks from but the knot is usually
      muck larger, but nice none the less. This diamond knot is what I
      believe is also called the Boatswain Whistle knot, Knife Lanyard knot
      etc. I didn't discover this knot, nor did I know you could make a
      whisk from it untill I joined this group a short time ago.
      I have since made more zipper pulls from the singla strand diamond
      knot, doubled. Doubled makes a much rounder or nicer button, imho.

      Just in the last couple days I found these very inexpensive pens at a
      local store but these pens had not so tasteful lanyards on them, so I
      made a new one for myself using 2 diamond knots doubled and one
      regular diamond knot. I threw in a couple of letter beads for a neat
      touch and identification...then my wife just had to have one of
      course! lol
      Makes an inexpensive lanyard pen. The pens were only a doallar (CDN)
      and and the string I used was actually 63" shoe string from the dollar
      store : )
      See my photo album (Knotty Man), I'll upload a picture.

      -Ed. Hatherley
      P.S. Only approx. 25 minutes to new years here!
      So Happy New Year in advace once again!

      --- In knottyers@yahoogroups.com, larryhelber <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Yes, you are correct, the discription that you have and picture in the
      > photo album are Mathew Walker Knots. FYI a MWK is actually just a
      > special form of a Wall knot so you weren't too far off. The MWK knot
      > has all of the leads going neatly off in the same direction. A wall
      > and Crown Knot (aka Diamond knot) has the leads crossing each other.
      > Another pretty not that can be used for making wisk brooms.
      > --- In knottyers@yahoogroups.com, "Ed" <ed@t...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I've been following these Matthew Walker Knot posts and checking out a
      > > few of the links.
      > > Well, I think I've been wrong in saying that the sailors whisks that
      > > I've been making all these years is done with a 4 strand M.W. knot,
      > > NOT a crown knot.
      > >
      > > After middling a length of rope and forming a bight and tying it with
      > > a constrictor knot, I then seperate the strands, should be 6 in total.
      > > I think usually put an elastic around the 2 center strands, leaving 4.
      > > With these 4 strand I proceed -with the bight at the top and strands
      > > hanging down- by taking a strang around the bight in a clockwise
      > > direction and tuck it down under itself (basically an overhand knot).
      > > Then I take the strand behind that one or to the right of it and lay
      > > it up and over the first, from right to left or clockwise, around the
      > > ropes bight and down behind the first wrap and down through itself.
      > > I continue this untill all 4 strands are used.
      > > Then I tighten the knot working each strand in a clockwise fashion and
      > > pulling on it's end untill the knot look nice and is tight.
      > > Then i remove the elastic from the two center strands, un-twist all
      > > the strands and comb them out.
      > > Then wet the fibres and pull them out straight, let dry, and I have my
      > > whisk.
      > >
      > > This sounds an awfull lot like a Matthew Walker knot now that I have
      > > researched the links ppl have been providing.
      > >
      > > Am I right? Cause I have heard ppl say that the whisk is make with a
      > > wall/crown knot.
      > > I think it's just a M.W.K. now.
      > > I have pictures in my "knotty man" photo album.
      > >
      > > Then there is the whisk made with a Diamond knot/Lanyard/Boatwain
      > > Whistle etc. knot. : )
      > >
      > > Just want to make sure I'm correct.
      > >
      > > HAPPY NEW YEAR, in advance.
      > >
      > > -Ed. Hatherley
      > >
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