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Re: [KnotTyers] Canvas designations

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    Greetings fellow knot tyer, If you go to www.ahh.biz , you will find that they sell canvas in all weights. Also, they have a sample
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      Greetings fellow knot tyer,

      If you go to www.ahh.biz<http://www.ahh.biz/>, you will find that they sell canvas in all weights. Also, they have a sample selection of canvas that you can buy for a couple of dollars. Well worth it as you can see and feel the difference between the various weights. I just finished making a ditty bag from # 8 canvas and it was a pleasure to work with. Heavy enough to stand lots of hard use, but not so heavy as to wear out my fingers as I sewed it. If you are going to tie lace, I suggest you start out with #4. Easy to learn on this weight. Good luck

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      I read a short explanation about canvas designations some time ago, but now
      can't find it. Depending on the source canvas seems to be designated in
      ounces, by numbers, or by weight per area.

      Does anybody have a reference that ties all this together, as I'd like to try
      some canvas work but I'm not sure what to order?


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