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Re: [KnotTyers] belfast cord?

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  • Eddie Climo
    I think that, if you read Vince s article more carefully, you ll find he defines hard laid quite clearly. He says: ... What made Belfast different from
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2005
      I think that, if you read Vince's article more
      carefully, you'll find he defines 'hard laid' quite
      clearly. He says:

      "... What made Belfast different from regular twines
      or strings was the fact that it was a ‘hard-laid’
      product; that is, the lay of the cordage was akin to
      the tightness one would expect of a good manila line,
      not the sloppily laid product one can buy in your
      local hardware store, as well as the fact that it was
      ‘sized’ or starched during the manufacturing process.
      This produced a hard-surfaced, easily handled line
      which resisted un-laying (especially when doing
      square-knot work [a.k.a. macramé] and which also
      resisted hand-soil to some extent. ..."

      The cord that I normally use is a fine hard-laid
      3-strand cotton cord, known as 'Cotton Seine Twine'
      ('Atlas' brand) and sold by macramé suppliers. A very
      similar alternative is Builders' Line ('Caradoc'
      brand), in either cotton or nylon, available in a
      couple of diameters from builders' merchants, and used
      by bricklayers. The diameter of the No.3 size is
      about 1/40 inch (0.65 mm), with the No.2 size being
      slightly thinner; a 20-yard hank (18-metre) costs
      about 70p (US$1) here in England, so it's very
      economical to use.

      It's suitable for miniature, decorative knotwork.
      Although it only comes uncoloured (i.e. whitish), it's
      easily dyed any colour you wish. I use Dylon
      multi-purpose dye (www.dylon.com) which will do for
      both cotton and nylon cordage.

      If you're interested in following this up, there's a
      9-page pdf file I wrote called "Turks Heads- Working
      with Fine Stuff" which can be downloaded from the
      members' section of Knot Heads World Wide
      (www.khww.net). It's located under DISCUSSIONS - KHWW

      Hope this helps,

      Eddie Climo

      > My question is how do you define "hard-laid"? Is
      there a good
      > description like a ratio of turns as related to the
      diameter of the
      > strands or somesuch?

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