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9022Re: [KnotTyers] Seaman's Inst. Frame Remake

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  • rons_hobbies
    Mar 3, 2014
       I can be slow, sorry. I missed the idea that pull three = all. I had tied a 5 blight and was trying to figure out which three to pull . . .  I'll get a three blight tied up to work on. I can see how pulling them all out will permit shaping first the "top" of the knot and then alternating back and forth. 
      Yes, I see how on a three blight working backwards from the beginning of the second pass  = the first pass.

      LOL, I doubled the 5 X 6 and have one pass left to pull out. Don't pull too tight . . . I may need to tattoo that on my hand. 

      Thanks so much! More to follow . . . 

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