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9021Re: [KnotTyers] Seaman's Inst. Frame Remake

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  • flutejerry
    Mar 2, 2014
      Not sure, so, lets try it again and I'll see if I can explain it as well as Skip could.  Speaking of Skip, he is on this forum.  Maybe he'll get off his butt and jump in.  He's the master.

      Okay, again.  Once the knot is tied, your goal is to pull the slack out, position it where you want it and shape it the way you want it.  I'll assume you tied a three pass Turks Head.  Start at the beginning and draw ALL THREE PASSES through the entire knot until you get back to the beginning.  Then you drop off one pass, usually the one to the left, and pull the slack on the next two.  When you arrive at the beginning again, you drop the middle pass and pull out the last one.  

      Sometimes that's all it takes.  I usually have to pull the first one out again simply because it loosened up with all the other moving around.  So, you go the BEGINNING OF THE SECOND PASS, And go BACKWARDS from that point, which is actually the first pass in reverse.  Did that make sense?

      Anyway, in the process of pulling all three passes through, you get to see exactly where all the outside bights will lie.  That lets you position the knot exactly where you want it.  The real trick is to NEVER pull really hard, especially when you are pulling all three passes.  

      Okay, Skip, jump in and untangle the mess I just made.

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