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9018Re: [KnotTyers] RE: Another great knottyer year

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  • knotslipstick
    Feb 23, 2014
      I'd let my membership laps not due to politics, but due over-work-stress; never seemed to find time to renew.  I solved, when I saw that the IGKT (www.igtk.net) site now takes 5 year memberships and credit cards.  Done!  I know that some will complain about cost, but for me it was ease of use.  I don't have to remember when to do it now or remember to do it when I get back from a trip...

      Any way I hope to be more active in the future.  Last kid is finishing up college next year -- we hope!  Work will still be crazy, but I'll have trained 5 new engineers and all indications are that they are keepers.
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