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9017Re: [KnotTyers] RE: Another great knottyer year

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  • ThreeLees1
    Feb 23, 2014
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      I used to be a member, since about 1995, but I let my membership go due to what I felt were politics and nit picking about minute points over procedural and non-technical matters.  I had enough of that stuff during my tax career, and I didn't want it during my mariner and knot tying life.
      Things seemed to have changed.  I am thinking about re-joining,  My marine rope splicing business is flying and I hardly have time to do any decorative know working.
      I have met many of the members and participated in some events in New Bedford, Baltimore and on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I look forward to becoming more active in the group.
      Walter Seltzer
      The Knot Knut 
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      Thank you for your note.  This group has been a great resource for me if not only to meet others and know I am not alone in my joy for knot tying.  I don't have anyone in person I can talk to about knots.  For my sailing club I do the rigging and solve knot problems but I am isolated in my interest in knots for their own sake.  Since I discovered knots I've been confused why everyone else didn't feel the same way I did about them.  Well, obsessions or interests are like that and in this group, others are like me.  So thank you for the group and another year.



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