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9015Another great knottyer year

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  • knotslipstick
    Feb 23, 2014
      I'm a little late this year...  It has been a quick year, very busy at work with lots of travel, lots of honey-dos and social obligations when I get home.  I apologize if it has taken sometime for new members to be approved, or your first few posts to be moderated.  We don't often get really spammed now, but as I've learned if I relax the restriction on new members / posting it quickly gets out of hand.

      Over the past 14 years this group has grown from just a few to over 1600 members.  The community has posted over 9000 messages and almost 1000 pictures.  We've only used 1% of our photo space, so if you have them post them. 

      At the start of our 15th year I'd like to once again thank everyone that contributes to this group.  It is your contributions that keep it going.  As I've said in the past it isn't just those who post answers, but just important is those who post questions.  Most of us toil at knot-craft in isolation.  The IGKT was born out of this need to form a community, and pass along knowledge.  With the advent of the web, we can help each other / encourage each other and pass along know-how to others. 

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