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8966Re: [KnotTyers] How can I make a wire loop for splicing?

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  • silvertip185
    Dec 5, 2013
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      Thanks for the tip.  Today I used some 19ga galvanized wire I had, measured 14 inches, middled it and measured the same length of 2mm cord.  I put the cord in to a 1/16" aluminum ferrule and the wire in the other end, crimped it all together.  To make the final tight bend in the wire I heated that parts glowing red with a  small butane torch and let it cool in air.  All assembled I tried the loop in making an endless splice in some 3/16" double braid.  It worked and was much better than my previous technique.  The tool still isn't quite up to snuff but I found a proper looking version for sale on line and am trying to order it.  This weekend (or soon) I will look at some piano wire and if I get the chance I will check out guitar string. 

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