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  • alowan
    Pictures are up on my Picturetrail site at http://www.picturetrail.com/alowan Still looking for a home: Tahki Kioto - 10 balls (one bag). 44% cotton, 20% silk,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
      Pictures are up on my Picturetrail site at http://www.picturetrail.com/alowan

      Still looking for a home:

      Tahki Kioto - 10 balls (one bag). 44% cotton, 20% silk, 26% linen,
      10% polyamide. 92 yds each. In original bag.
      3 strands, two are natural (off-white), the other is itself two or three
      strands plied of variegated tans and olives. Feels lovely.
      Label recommends size 3 1/2 to 4 needles (US, I assume) but says nothing
      else about gauge. Hand wash; "dry cleaning recommended."
      $2 per ball.

      10 balls Bernat Cot'n Soft, worsted weight, royal blue. Color 10918,
      dye lot 7013. 5 spi with US 7 (4.5 mm). One of the balls is slightly used,
      and may be a different dye lot. Soft cotton wound with two thin
      threads. Machine wash delicate. $10.00 now

      Last chance before I put the above on e-bay!


      The Sampler Sweater from Cotton Clouds kit. This is a cuff-to-cuff sweater,
      for which I made one sleeve. Primarily blue jeans type colors. 10 different
      yarns in different shades of blue - one with a strand of green. Yarns are
      Helena, Felicia, Trade Winds,Saucy, Pizazz Variegated, Soft Spun,
      Snowflake, Cotton Classic, Connecticut cotton, and Monterey. There is some
      rayon in Pizazz, but I think the rest are all cotton.
      It's a simple stripe sequence. I was told when I bought it that I "should"
      be able to wash it in the machine. Uses size 3 needle, gauge is 18 stitches
      to 4 inches. Includes pattern and my notes- I wrote down each row, up to
      the middle, so I could check each one off as I knit it. Plus the yarns are
      in center-pull alls, in bags marked with their letter from the pattern. Sad
      to say, I've outgrown it.

      4 balls Dalegarn Kolibri, Egyptian cotton, a cool orange tending towards
      pink. Bright. 4 1/2 spi, 114 yards ea.
      $8, or $2 each

      1 lb cone Peaches and Creme worsted weight cotton, light (sky/cerulean)
      blue. Still in shrinkwrap. color 26n, lot 09325.

      2 small balls mystery yarn - I bought this at Artfibers, but have lost the
      label. It's a nice fuzzy, silky yarn; the weight is hard to figure out. I
      have knit two strands together at loose worsted weight gauge. But it could
      also be knit as fingering. It's synthetic, or a synthetic blend - that I
      remember. Eggshell white.

      Cone of 3/2 mystery cotton, natural. Mill end, bought at Mannings; it may
      be warp yarn. Knits at sport weight, but blooms when machine washed. Pills
      a little. 22 1/2 oz, including the cone. Probably about 1600 yards. Label
      in cone says Shuford Mills, but cones get re-used.

      Another cone of mystery cotton from Mannings. Their label says 2/6 mill end
      softball. Fingering to lace weight, but makes nice worsted fabric when
      tripled. Moderately thick-and-thin. Space dyed light to dark natural,
      brown, and light dusty blue - makes me think of the seashore in winter.
      Label in cone says Pisgah yarn, cotton flake. Should be about 1700 yds.

      4 skeins in all, Pingouin Cable Chunky 100 per cent mercerized cotton. 2
      skeins are pastel turquiose (color 28, lot 66848). Two are harvest gold or
      mustard - back in fashion again. (color 26, lot 66846). Chunky weight, 15
      sts to 4 inches on US9 needles. 137 yds each.

      1 Cone Cotton Fine, weighs 8 5/8 oz. with cone. I'd expect about 950 yards.
      Natural/beige; label says "Antique Lace." Color 150, lot 12/23/99/E044.

      1 Cone Linet or Linor. The label has gone to the same place as my memory.
      About 14 5/8 oz without the cone; should be about 1300 yards, according to
      McMorran. I'd call it sport weight; it's a nice dusky sky blue.

      4 balls Reynolds Saucy, 4 shades of red: red (color 361/lot 673), dark
      red-orange (358/264), neon pink (365/347) and orangey pink (341/262). That
      last ball is a bit dusty. 100 per cent cotton, 185 yds/ball, 5 spi, hand wash.
      $2 per ball

      10 balls Tahki Classic Cotton Dot, dark teal with black "dots". I almost
      hope nobody wants this, it's so gorgeous. But I swore I'd get rid of
      everything that I didn't know what to make out of. Color 7361, lot 697. 100
      per cent mercerized cotton., worsted weight, 77 yds/ball. 4.5 spi on US8.

      8 skeins Black Water Abbey 2-ply worsted weight, color Jacob. (It's not
      made from Jacob wool, however.) A dark, heathery gray-brown. Not as reddish
      as in picture. (dye lot 020998) Still smells like lanolin! 4 oz/220 yd
      skeins. 22 sts/4 ins on US 6; made in Ireland. (I decided I'd better not
      make DH a hand-wash sweater...)
      $4/ball, or all for $30.

      Addi Natura bamboo circular needle, US4, 3.5 mm, 24 inch. Will trade for
      same size and length Addi Turbo.

      Pictures are up on my Picturetrail site at http://www.picturetrail.com/alowan

      I accept and prefer Paypal, or money orders. I will take checks as a
      last resort, but they need to clear, and I'm moving soon, and don't
      want packages to get lost in the shuffle.
      I will also trade for almost any plain black washable yarn but not 100%
      acrylic - suitable for socks, DK weight preferred. (but anything worsted
      or smaller is fine!)
      Non-smoking home w/cats & dogs; yarn is kept in pet-free room, but
      their hair still manages to get everywhere.

      Ruth H in Colorado
      "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
      safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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