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Reduced prices: Yarns etc.

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  • Hazel Blumberg
    Here re the yarns etc. that are still for sale. I ve also added a couple more yarns. All items are from a smoke-free home, and my pets aren t allowed into the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2001
      Here're the yarns etc. that are still for sale. I've also added a couple
      more yarns. All items are from a smoke-free home, and my pets aren't allowed
      into the room in which the yarn containment zone is located.


      1. Kit from Ram Wools. "Reflections." This is a pretty much one-size-fits-
      all sweater in large, horizontal, curved stripes of dark charcoal,
      reddish-brown, medium tobacco brown, light tobacco brown, an off-white. The
      bottom stripes contains some intarsia, if you wish to put it in: two Inuits
      surrounded by two friendly-looking polar bear and two inquisitive-looking
      fish. Yarn used in the kit is Istex (Lopi Lett), Selkirk, and Ballybrae.
      Needles uses are US 8/5mm, US 7 4.5mm. Gauge: 20 sts and 30 rows = 4" in US
      8/rmm. The finished measurements are length: 27", width: 22.8", sleeve
      length: 18". The stitches used are simple: ribbing and stockinette stitch.
      Full instructions come with the yarn, and everything comes in its own
      zippered plastic case. This is a lovely and comfortable-looking pullover; I
      just don't know when I'll ever get to knitting it. ;-) I can't remember
      what I paid for it, unfortunately. I was asking US $40 plus shipping. NEW
      PRICE IS US $35 plus shipping.

      2. 20 balls Coats Canada "Princess Multi." All in original put-up. 63%
      wool/37% cotton. Suggested needle size US 7/4.5mm. Each ball 1.75 oz/50g.
      Color KC101, dye lot 1. This is a really jolly ragg-type yarn. The wool is
      red, and the cotton is white. It's nice and soft, too. I can't remember what
      I paid for this, but I'm asking US $3 per ball plus shipping. NEW PRICE IS
      US $2.50 per ball plus shipping.

      3. 17 balls Cleckheaten Nature alpaca/wool 8 ply. Each ball (in original
      put-up) is 50 g, 50% alpaca/50% wool. 22 sts and 30 rows equal 4"/10 cm on
      US 6/4mm/UK 8. The color is o5, and the lot is 702711. The color is a lovely
      pale green, sort of a very muted apple green but without yellow tones. Is
      this yarn ever _soft_! I'm asking US $3 per ball plus shipping. NEW PRICE
      IS US $2.50 per ball plus shipping.

      4. NEW: 1 big ball of Brunswick Fleece, 96% wool/4% nylon, 100 g/3.5 oz/100
      yd, 2.5 sts and 4 rows = 1" on US 10.5/6.5 mm needles, color Bar Harbor
      53206. Boucle' yarn, variegated from cranberries and dark rose pinks to teal
      blues to greys. Soft and fuzzy and would coordinate with many other yarns.
      Original price: US $9.95. Asking US $5 plus postage. NEW PRICE IS US $4 plus

      5. NEW: 2 balls Adriafil New Zealand Print Classic, 100 g/200 m, 75%
      wool/25% acrylic, 3-4 mm needles. No gauge given. Variegated from dark
      cranberries to medium cobalt blues to medium sea/pine greens to browns;
      muted colors. Soft and easy to coordinate with many other yarns. Original
      price: US $9.95 per ball. Asking $10 for both balls plus postage. NEW PRICE
      IS US $9 plus shipping.


      I was offering these for US $3 each plus postage. NEW PRICE IS US $2 plus
      shipping. All books contain some real classics that'd look great today. If
      you decide to take all four books, the price would be US $6.50 plus

      1. American Thread Co., Star Book no. 156, orig. price $.29, Sweaters,
      Cardigans, Slipovers, and Accessories for Him and Her. I'm not finding a
      date on this, but it came out before zip codes existed. I'd guess it's from
      the 1950s. Published in New York City. This is a small, Reader's Digest
      sized paperback book, packed with pattern. In excellent condition. Includes
      women's boatneck vest, men's side-to-side knit and buttoned v-neck vest,
      women's cabled cardigan with or without embroidery, women's knitted jacket
      created by Vera Maxwell, men's v-neck pullover, women's rainbow pullover and
      kerchief, rainbow ski socks, women's popcorn and embroidery cardigan,
      slippers, fishermen knit pullovers for men and women, ribbed hat,
      short-sleeved pullover designed by Pauline Trigere, men's fold0ver collar
      cardigan, women's textured cardigan, women's crochet jacket with braid trim,

      2. Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns New Mohair Hand Knits, Vol. 82, orig. price
      $.60, published in US and Canada by Bernhard Ulmann Co., 1964. Women's
      v-neck pullover, women's roll-collar and cabled pullover, women's 3/4-length
      sleeves coat, women's 3/4-length sleeve cardigan with pockets, women's
      cabled pullover, two women's sleeveless turtlenecks, women's hooded top with
      bobbles, women's and men's v-neck cardigans, women's checked coat, women's
      cardigan with big diamonds, women's jacket with pockets, women's stole,
      women's and men's bulky ski sweaters, women's summer striped top, women's
      striped vest. Excellent condition. The word "Starry" has been written in ink
      on the cover, but that's all the writing in the booklet.

      3. Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns Cable Knits for Men and Women, vol. 78,
      orig. price $1. publishing info as in #2, but 1963. A quick, but maybe
      inaccurate count: Six men's pullovers, six women's pullovers, three women's
      jackets and coats, three variations of multicable sweater (regular neck,
      v-neck, cardigan), eight women's cardigans, men's v-neck vest with pockets.

      4. Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns New Hand-Knits for Men and Women in New
      Loop-Aire and alpaca-Mist, vol. 83, orig. price $.75, revised edition, same
      publishing info as #2, published in 1964. 3 women's cardigans, 3 men's
      cardigans, 2 women's vests, women's twinsets, 3 women's jackets, 3 women's
      pullovers, 3 men's pullovers, women's dress/jumper. The center two pages
      have come loose from the staples. The word "Starry" is written on the cover.
      Otherwise, excellent condition.

      Happy knitting!


      Hazel Blumberg (hazelblumberg@...), Tallahassee, Florida, USA
      "Cat owner's lies: (1) She never scratches. (2) I don't usually allow him on
      the furniture. (3) It means he likes you. (4) You must have frightened him.
      (5) She always uses her litter tray. (6) It's just a hairball. (7) I knew
      you wouldn't mind." (Jo Donnelly)
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