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  • mcyarn
    Hi People- I finally moved and am unpacking. Not everything fits in my new house, so I need to de-stash. Shipping is extra and is dependent on weight &
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 22, 2013
      Hi People-

      I finally moved and am unpacking. Not everything fits in my new house, so
      I need to de-stash. Shipping is extra and is dependent on weight &
      distance. Shipping is from Wilmington, DE
      I have unpacked some yarns, fabrics & notions that I never will use.
      All items (and more) are pictured on:
      All items and others are pictured on:
      14 Pound Box of Yarn on cones. Total of 8 cones. 1 full cone Tamm RAYITO;
      1 Sunray SATURNO (rayon) 1 Lily Cotton; The rest are “Mill Ends”, a cone
      of off-white chenille, a cone of linen-wool, 1 of dark green cotton. The
      pink is an acrylic boucle as far as I can tell The aqua cone pictured on the
      bottom, I am unsure of. All have been in storage. The mill ends may have
      some surface dirt and/or fading on the surface or the ends of the cones.
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $20.00 for the box. NOTE: Depending on your distance from me (zip
      code 19804), the shipping MAY be higher than the cost of this box of yarn.

      PHILDAR “Marjory – 10 Balls- All same dyelot
      50 gm (1.76 oz) each; Approximately 111 yards; 50% Cotton & 50% Acrylic.

      Color is a pastel Aqua. (Retailed for $5.99/Ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $27.00 for all or $3.25 each for quantities of 1 – 9 balls.
      Classic Elite "Provence" CE has downsized the skein size from original 125
      gr., to 50 gr. which currently retail for $8.95/50 gram hank ($22.37 for
      125 gr).
      These hanks that I have for sale are 125gr.
      Each 125 Gram hank has 256 yards of 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton;
      5½ stithces/inch US 5 (3.75 mm) needles
      I have the following 2 colors available:
      Color 2690 – Portland Teal
      Picture at:
      8 skeins/hanks available
      PRICE: $12.00/skein or ALL 8 for $88.00
      Color 2685 (Tangerine)
      Picture at:
      6 skeins/hanks available
      PRICE: $12.00/skein or ALL 6 for $66.00
      REYNOLDS "COLORS"- Bright Lemon Yellow
      100 % Cotton 50 Grams; 50 Yds. 3½ stitches/inch US 10 needles
      Picture at:
      30 skeins available
      $3.50/skein or 10 skeins for $32.00 or ALL 30 skeins for $85.00
      Patons' Canadiana-
      5 Balls of Patons Canadiana. 2 White (same Dye lot) 1 rose; 2 country blue
      (same dyelot)
      100% Worsted Weight Acrylic on 100 Gram Balls with 228 yds +/-.
      (Retail is $5.29/ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $15.00 for lot of 5 or $3.50 each if you want to buy separately
      DMC CEBILIA Crochet Cotton, Size 10;
      50 gram ball, 100% crochet cotton double mercerized; 284 yds/ball.
      (Retail is $6.49/ball)
      8 balls all in original shrink-wrap; 4 Medium Dusty rose (same dyelot); 4
      Lavender (same dyelot)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $24.00 for lot of 8 or $3.75 each if you want to buy separately
      2 Hanks of Shaded Pinks. Each Hank weighs just over 6 ounces, so equal to
      a little more 4 of their current 150 yd balls. I got this at a JP Coats
      factory store several years ago. (Current retail is $2.99/ 150 yd. ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $11.00 for both hanks or $6.50 for each.
      Bouquet "CINDY - Cotton Look"

      80% Acrylic, 20% Wool bouclet yarn
      131 yards / 50 grams (Retail was $5.75/ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $18.00 for full lot or $3.50/ball for any quantity less than full

      Baby Yarn-
      Schoeller-Esslinger "Hit Perle"
      100% Acrylic (super soft); Approx. 216 yds on 50 gr. Ball
      Color: Pale Pink(almost white) and grey twist. All same dye-lot; Retails
      for $4.75/ball.
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $2.50/Ball; $10.00 for 5 balls;
      $18.00 for 10 Balls; $30.00 for ALL 20 balls
      PINGOUIN Pingorex Baby Fantasia - Made in France
      White with pastel green & blue "dots". 50 gr./ 265 yds. 100% Acrylic.
      2 Balls- (same dyelot)
      (Retail was $5.95/ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $5.00 for both- NOT selling separately.
      2 x 50 gram balls (same dyelot) of Fortissima Colori "Instant Fairisle"
      Sock yarn;
      Color# 9096 "instant fairisle" shades of blues and white
      plus direction sheet for making a pair of ladies' socks.
      75% Superwash Wool; 25% Nylon; 50 grams; 231 yards;
      (Retail is $7.99/ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $8.00 for both- NOT selling separately.
      Crystal Palace Yarns Silk Tweed 100% Silk
      2 Dark Blue tweed 50g/125yards
      1 Deep purple Tweed
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $4.00 each or $10.00 for ALL 3
      BROWN SHEEP "Kaleidoscope" Handpainted yarn.
      80% Cotton; 20% Merino wool. 50 gram Skein, approx. 107 yds
      Color;"Anaheim"- shades of reds and purple
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $4.00
      Pingouin METIS
      Single lot of 9 full & almost full balls of Pingouin Metis weighing a
      total of over 14 oz.
      3 different colors. Unsure if dyelots are the same where there are
      multiples of same color
      60% Cotton, 40% Linen; 77 yards / 50 grams
      (Retail was $4.99/ball)
      picture at:
      PRICE: $15.00/bag- NOT selling separately
      Schoeller LEINEN COLOR
      10 x 50 gr. balls (all same dyelot) in unopened factory bag. Approx. 105
      48% Virgin Wool; 40% Linen; 12% polyamide(nylon)
      Color is "Orchidee" which is a muted, kind of heathery orchid.
      (Retail was $7.99/ball)
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $35.00 for unopened bag of 10. $4.50 each for individual balls.
      Dritz Heavy Duty Snap Fastener Kit- New in Package.
      I never used this. Package is a bit worn from being in my sewing cabinet.
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $16.00
      5 Crinkle Dressy Fabrics all are 55" wide polyester. Over 20 Yards total in
      5 different pieces.
      Crinkle Dressy fabric Ice Blue 4 1/4 yds
      Crinkle Dressy fabric Mint Green 3 3/4 yds
      Crinkle Dressy fabric Rose 5 1/2 yds
      Crinkle Dressy fabric Pale Mauve 4 1/4 yds
      Crinkle Dressy fabric Dusty aqua 3 yds
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $45.00 for the Whole Lot of 5 fabrics (a little over $2.00/yard!)

      REDUCED: Set of 5 Machine Knitting patterns for babies & Children. I
      prefer to sell the full set in one unit but will consider selling individual
      patterns. These retailed for $5 - $26.50 each (0ver $60 for all).
      Picture at:
      PRICE: $20.00 for set of 5. or
      Baby Dress Leaflet $3.00; Baby Boutique-21 patterns $7.00; 100 in 1
      Sweater Book 2 $15.00; Childrens’ 5 face sweater $4.00; Amberyarn Baby Book

      Thanks for looking.

      Not so fine print:
      All items described honestly and photographs have been provided. Additional
      photographs can be made available. All items sold "as is".
      Prices do NOT include shipping. I will ship internationally, but customs
      fees and duties are your responsibility. No refunds for international
      shipments that don't reach their destinations.
      Insurance is buyers' option, however I will not be responsible for
      uninsured packages after they cross the counter at the Post Office, UPS or FedEx.
      NOTE: The Post Office is now INCLUDING $50.00 of insurance in the price
      of shipping on ONLY PRIORITY MAIL. I asked at the Post Office what the
      insurance would be on $100 & they told me $2.45. IN OTHER WORDS, they won't
      deduct the cost of the “included” insurance ($1.95) from the cost of more
      I accept personal checks, money orders & Paypal from US Buyers only.
      If you’re outside of the USA, I only accept Money Orders drawn in US $$.
      No paypal from non-US buyers because of the currency conversion fee
      I don't accept post-dated checks nor can I "hold" anything if someone else
      wants it. Sorry.

      More yarns and also some fabrics are pictured on:

      Marianne Chase
      Newark, DE 19711


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