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giving up knitting/spinning

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  • Judy Benner
    HI, After much soul searching (and moving to a smaller house) I have decided to give up knitting and spinning. I have a ravelry page but will have to retake
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2013
      HI, After much soul searching (and moving to a smaller house) I have
      decided to give up knitting and spinning. I have a ravelry page but will
      have to retake the photos of the yarns as I've repackaged them a re-priced
      them. For now I am listing my books and maybe tomorrow can list my knitting
      magazines.They will be knitters, interweave knits and in knitters. Most
      have never been used except to flip through. All prices are without
      shipping so I'd need your zip code to figure that. Also I can take checks,
      money orders or paypal. Whatever you prefer. My name is Judy Benner and I
      live in Allentown Pa. If anyone is semi local maybe we can arrange to meet
      and skip the shipping. Any questions please ask. Oh yes, ALL are from a non
      smoking home but I do have pets.

      Vogue Knitting Socks paid 12.95 asking 6.00
      Cool socks warm feet by Lucy Neatby paid 19.95 asking 9.00
      New Pathways for sock knitters book 1 by Cat Bordhi paid 26.05 Asking 15.00
      Sensational knitted socks Charlene Schurch paid 24.95 asking 15.00
      Socks, Socks, Socks from Knitters magazine paid 19.95 asking 9.00
      2 at a time socks (2 at once on a circular needle) paid 16.95 asking 8.00
      Twisted sisters sock workbook by Lynne Vogel paid 18.95 asking
      little box of socks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott paid 19.95

      The knitters handy book of sweater patterns by Ann Budd paid 26.95 asking
      The sweater workshop by Jacqueline Fee ( I bought this used so it's a bit
      worn) Paid 15.00 asking 8.00
      The knitters handy book of patterns by Ann Budd (hats gloves sweaters
      mittens socks) Paid 24.95 asking 15.00
      Saturday sweaters (pretty classic styles) paid 24.95 asking 10.00

      Shawls and scarves from knitters magazine paid 19.95 asking 9.00
      Traditional knitted lace shawls by Martha Waterman paid 21.95 asking 10.00
      Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle paid 21.95 asking 10.00

      Louisa Harding Wee Dreams ( handknit designs in a booklet) Asking 5.00 I
      don't know what I paid as there's no price on it.
      The knitters book of finishing techniques Nancie Wiseman paid 24.95 asking
      Super stitches knitting (essential techniques + dictionary of more than 300
      stitch patterns) Paid 19.95 asking 9.00
      Knitting in Plain English by Maggie Righetti paid 13.95 asking 6.00
      The new knitting stitch library hardback over 300 traditional and
      innovative stitch patterns illustrated in color and explained with charts
      paid 8.98 asking 4.00
      A treasury of knitting patterns by Barbara Walker (book is hardback in
      great condition but because it's older the plastic sheeting over the dust
      jacket is peeling) Paid 10.00 asking 5.00
      knitting dictionary (softcover showing some wear on cover but all pages are
      intact - b/w and color photographs- no charts, all written instructions)
      asking 3.00
      1,000 knitting motifs by Luise Roberts paid 19.95 asking 9.00
      Quick knits, cool projects (hardback - 100 + project from clothing to bags
      shawls accessories and afghans. No idea what I paid so I'm asking 4.00
      never used.
      Knitted throws and more for the simply beautiful home Phelps and Hiatt paid
      27.95 asking 12.00
      Amigurumi knits- 20 patterns fruit, underwater creatures, backyard
      critters, mythical specimens Paid 19.99 asking 9.00

      When bad things happen to good knitters paid 10.95 asking 4.00
      Spiral bound 365 knitting stitches a year asking 5.00
      Handbook of timesaving tables for weavers spinners and dyers asking 5.00
      knitting journal (blank but with knitting templates) 5.00

      This is it for now. When I get the next batch it will be magazines and
      pamphlets and patterns in groups. Also some very vintage doily booklets.
      Hopefully by tomorrow I can post them. As always any questions please ask .

      Judy Benner

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