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  • Ruth
    I have a lot of 1970 s and 80 s knitting (and other crafts) magazines. All magazines are complete, and would rate at least Good for quality. I quote a
    Message 1 of 24 , Jul 15, 2013
      I have a lot of 1970's and '80's knitting (and other crafts) magazines.
      All magazines are complete, and would rate at least "Good" for quality.

      I quote a price, for each group of magazines. You pay shipping (from
      Cape Cod, MA). Pay by personal check or money order.

      I will listen to offers, particularly if you are buying more than one
      group of magazines. If you don't see something you are searching for
      today, check again tomorrow... or send me an e mail to ask for it. Also,
      I have photos of the magazines and some of their content. If you want to
      see them before I get them posted, please ask.

      Ruth Cahoon, rmcahoon@... <mailto:rmcahoon@...>

      American Home Arts, Needlecraft for Today: Nov/Dec 1986, Jan/Feb 1987,
      Mar/Apr 1987, July/Aug 1987, Sept./Oct. 1987, Nov./Dec. 1987, Jan/Feb
      1988. 7 for $20.

      American Home Crafts: Spring-Summer 1976, Spring-Summer 1977. 2 for $6.

      Better Homes & Gardens Needlework and Craft Ideas: Spring 1978, Fall
      1978. 2 for $8.

      Family Circle Great Ideas, 115 Fashions & Crafts: Fall 1978. 1 for $4.

      Fancy That, Crochet & Knitting Today: August 1986, Winter 1986. 2 for

      Fashion Knitting: Aug. 1986, Oct. 1986, Dec. 1986,Feb. 1987, June 1987,
      Oct.1987. 6 for $18.

      Good Housekeeping Needlecraft: Fall-Winter 1970-71, Fall-Winter
      1972-73, Fall-Winter 1973-74, Fall-Winter 1974-75, Fall-Winter 1975-76,
      Spring-Summer 1975, Spring-Summer 1976, Spring-Summer 1979. 8 for $24.

      How to Crochet It! Book Three (McCall's, 1974) (this has photos for left
      or right handers to follow) $5.

      more tomorrow!

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