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  • KrisB
    for Sale: ∙ The Boiled Wool Jacket & Vest with variations for all sizes. Book. Indoor weight - standard gauge machine. by A. Raphael Knitte / Nance Keenan
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2010
      for Sale:

      ∙"The Boiled Wool Jacket & Vest" with variations for all sizes. Book.
      Indoor weight - standard gauge machine.
      by A. Raphael Knitte / Nance Keenan
      Softcover book, 40 pages. A wonderful book that never goes out of
      style. Patterns for both jacket and vest. wonderful directions, b & w
      photos are very helpful. Helpful hints and techniques. both Jacket
      and vest have a nice detail of cables running along the sides. You
      would get plenty of compliments having made either of these!
      Asking $7 for the book and mailing cost.
      ∙"Boiled Wool For the Bulky Machine – Outdoors weight"
      By Ralphael Knitte
      Softcover book 35 pages. Great patterns for making bulky boiled wool coats. Belted or non-belted.
      Asking $7 plus mailing cost.

      ∙Machine Knitters Graph Paper ~One pad of Design Sheets.
      Graph design sheets (paper) for charting/designing.
      Pad contains 50 sheets! Asking $8 plus mailing cost

      ∙ "Coats for all Seasons" by Bonnie Triola
      Softcover, 80 pages.
      Six coats to be knit on any machine with a variety of yarns. Includes one double jacquard design and another using the knitweave technique. Learn to measure and draft a pattern to fit you. Full drafing instructions. A special chapter on lining and insulating. Styles include full color, professional photos, diagrams, clear detailed instructions. Asking $10 plus mailing cost.

      "Timely Treasures" by Teri L. Burns
      A collection of unique crafts for the knitting machine. 84 pages of excellent photos and isllustrations. Over 40 patterns including Christmas ornaments, Christmas stockings, putter mitts, bottle socks, easter ornaments and gifts, finger puppets, and more. Soft cover. Asking $10 plus mailing.

      "Togs for Teddies" by Glenda Overman
      Softcover, 49 pages. All kinds of sweaters, hats, dresses, short pants, bonnets, etc. for teddy bears – adorable patterns. Asking $9 plus mailing.

      "Planet of the dolls" by Arlene Wallin and Margo Nordstrom
      An original pattern collection of designer knitwear. Book contains 27 patterns with 21 designs for popular soft body dolls (13" – 19") and teddy bears. Popular for Cabbage patch dolls. Headwear, scarves for children to match are included. Clothes are designed with ease of dressing. Headwear for pony and pigtails. Quick and simple to make, yet with attention to quality and detail. Tasteful color combinations that delight children and adults alike. Shown in full color, instructions are complete with graphs, amount and type of yarn needed. Written for standard gauge machines. Asking $10 plus mailing.

      "Knit Weaving Too" for machine knitters. By Pat Varvel.
      This second volume of knit-weaving techniques includes more detailed instructions and pictures of new and exciting methods for creating unique woven fabrics for apparel and home furnishings. It contains information which will enable the knit-weaver to use all yarns on their machine as well as other unusual items such as beads and lace trims. Also included are instructions for lace weaving and other special processes. Softcover, 19 pages. Asking $9 plus mailing.

      "Magic Cable Sweaters – Patchwork Pullovers" by Ricki Mundstock
      Instruction book plus disk. Softcover, 27 pages. Asking $10 plus mailing. \

      "Proper Proportions – Machine knit drafting the easy way" by Lanni Rae Aasen.
      Softcover, 43 pages. Asking $10 plus mailing.

      "Knitting Gauge Table"
      This useful table tells you how many rows and stitches to knit, decrease, increase when you are shaping a garment without using a knit contour/radar unit. Made of sturdy heavyweight plastic – is sort of like a slide ruler. Sold new for $16, asking $9 plus mailing.

      "Machine Knitting Workbook No. 1" by Tami Nobuyuki
      Basic techniques for machine knitting in this softcover book of 119 pages. A general "bible" for machine knitters! Asking $20 plus mailing.

      "Cables, cables and more cables"
      By Richard M. Smith. Softcover 22 pages of charted cables to make on your knitting machine. Asking $7 plus mailing.

      I accept paypal only. Please email me if you'd like any of these.
      Kris Basta
      Manhattan, MT
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