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  • starrystarryknit
    Hello... I have 9 issues of InKnitter s Magazines available - the fist 2 years + 1st one from 3rd year. This is (was?) a nice magazine with lots of technical
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      I have 9 issues of InKnitter's Magazines available - the fist 2 years + 1st one from 3rd year.

      This is (was?) a nice magazine with lots of technical info as well as patterns. Each issue presents "swatch" practices - which include a variety of fibers, textures, colors, shapes, stitch patterns, etc.

      The selling price is $3.50 each, or 3 mags for $9.00 - or all 9 for $25.00. We can then figure out what is the best shipping option for you - if you're interested in any of these! Patterns are women's unless otherwise noted

      Premiere Issue - 1.1
      Lucy Neatby: Garter Stitch Heel How-To
      Shawl-Collar sweater
      Technical: Decreasing, Short-rowing, Alter Neckline to Shawl-collar
      Men's cabled Vest
      Button-up shawl-collar vest
      Textured Topper
      Fizz Cardigan
      "Three Little Dolls" children's pullover
      and much more...

      Issue 1.2
      Felting Knits - Part I
      Tech: Provisional cast-on, Sewing in fitted sleeves
      Cable-trimmed vest
      Paneled sweater
      "Wizard Points" children's sweater
      Shawl scarf - short rowed
      Basketweaver Bomber - great men's sweater
      Betty Spence and lace knitting
      and much more!

      Issue 1.3
      Lucy Neatby: Sock Tops The Crowning Glory Part 1
      Tech: Charting Mosaic Designs, Entrelac, Gauge, Beadwork
      Oddball Sweater
      Mosaic Medley Cardigan
      Dragon Scale Vest
      Dandelions and Ladybugs children's cardigan
      Beaded Purses
      Felting Knits - Part II
      Patchwork Rainbow Cardigan
      Navajo Sunset Vest
      Swedish Cardigan
      Silver Belle Lace Vest
      and much more...

      Issue 1.4
      Lucy Neatby: Sock Tops, The Crowning Glory Part II
      Tech: Easy Finishing, Changing Sizes, Shoulder Seams
      Felting Knits Part III
      Deco Dreams Socks
      Golf Cardigan
      Butterfly Shawl
      Dandelion/Puffballs Children's Cardigan
      Moonbeams Sweater
      Cotton Rib w/ Flowers
      and much more!

      Issue 2.5
      Lucy Neatby: Sock Tops, The Crowning Glory Part III
      Tech: Intarsia, Reading and Understanding Charts, Beyond Buttons
      Rainbow Childrens' sweater (intarsia techniques)
      Daisy Dreams Pullover
      Basketweave Cardigan
      Camisole and Cape
      Easy Fit Cardigan
      A Family Affair (mom, teen, child) sweaters
      Guild Aran Afghan (16 different squares)
      and much more!

      Issue 2.6
      Sunday Best Scarf and Gloves
      Tech: Mitered Squares, Embossed Texture w/ 2 colors, Reverse Shaping
      Eyelet Mitered Vest
      Profile: Pam Allen
      Black & White Embossed Mittens
      Country Heart Barn Coat
      Breezy Eyelet Cardigan
      Creative Closures - other than buttons
      Lotus Cardigan
      Granite Cable Cardigan
      Finishing Alternatives Part I - Using Knittin Machine
      and much more!

      Issue 2.7
      Garden Maze Cardigan - Children's
      Tech: Garden Maze Garter Stitch, Color, Perfect Buttonhole, Intarisa
      Part I: Tips, Techniques and Times Remembered
      Mohair Side Wrap
      Reversible Shetland Scarf
      Carole's Garden Vest (mitered squares)
      Lacy Sampler Shawl
      Three Color Cables Pullover
      Twists and Turns Pullover
      Profile: Handpainted Yarns
      Petticoat Lace Socks
      La Lana Brocade Cardigan
      Converting Hand Knit Patterns to Machine Knit
      Childs' Multi-colored Cable Cardigan
      Stained Glass Banded Cardigan
      Beaded Bags
      Advent Calendar PartI
      Leaf Cloche
      Double Knit Sock Heel Sole
      and much more!

      Issue 2.8
      Profile: Mule Spun Yarn
      Tech: Intarsia, Brioche Stitches
      Garden Tools Cardigan
      Chevron Challenge Summer Pullover
      Norma's Vest
      May Celt Pullover
      Cozy Shawl-Collared Vest
      Knitting Geometry - Rectangles (Weekender Spring Scarf Patt)
      Posy Tea Cosy
      Finishing Alternatives - Part II
      Fern Lace Shell and Shawl
      Advent Ornaments Part I
      Swedish Sweatshirt (children's hoodie - cute!)
      Wild Jacquard Tie
      Tips, Techniques, Times Remembered - Part II
      Banded Bobble Socks
      and much more!

      Issue 3.9
      More Knitting Geometry - Rectangles (Tic-tac-toe board and pieces)
      Eyelet Summer Cardigan
      Tech: More Intarsia (Strand or Weave?), Dissecting Knit Instructions
      Blue Waterfall Pullove
      Summer Sherbet V-Neck Pullover
      Just A Pullover (Great for hand-dyed! (Miss Priss used here))
      Barnyard Buddies Mother and Daughter (Cardigan and Pullover)
      American The Beautiful Pullover (Neat!)
      Caroles' Mountain Colors Koigu Triangular Vest
      Lace Rib Twin Set
      Advent Ornaments Part III
      Peacock Plumes Linen Lace Cardigan
      Finishing Alternatives - Part III
      Sand And Sea Men's Sweater
      Bright Summertime Pullover
      Garden Flowers Pullover
      More Brioche Stitches
      Ludwig the Lamb with Leiderhosen (cute!)
      Helix Hat project (Joan Hamer)

      Whew! That's a lot of typing. These are really nice magazines in mint condition! I am really motivated to sell these...hoping someone can make use out of them!! Please feel free to make an offer - if no one else is interested, you may just luck out!!

      Thanks for taking the time to scan through this listing!

      Marlene Mattina in PA
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