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AD Sales from The Legacy Farm

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  • katy
    Hi all, Lots of stuff to destash before winter KNITTERS AND SOCK KNITTERS 1. I have a few skeins of Sockotta sock yarn left. . Only sold it sets of 3. $20
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2006
      Hi all,
      Lots of stuff to destash before winter


      1. I have a few skeins of Sockotta sock yarn left. . Only sold it sets of
      3. $20 for 3 different color skeins. Plus shipping. There are pictures
      and specs on my website. Just click on the link ³socks and yarn². URL below
      my signature

      2. A used ball winder that¹s gathering dust that someone I¹m sure could
      use. $29.00 +sh

      3. WEAVING SUPPLY: t -shirt fabric rolls,$4.00 per pound, 100% wool
      weaving yarn 9.00 per pound 20 lbs prepared and sewn rag balls. $5.00 per
      pound. Ready to weave.+sh

      4. SPINNING SUPPLY: Fall sale....get ready for winter. All Majacraft
      Spinning Wheels, 20% discount until Sept 8, 2006
      Rakestraw spinners $30, raw purebred Shetland fleeces in many colors, batts,
      roving, exotic blended roving and batts. Special Border Leicester/Mohair
      roving for spinning sock yarn. See my web site for pricing.(too long here)


      I have 3 sock machines on the bench right now being tested, then polished.
      They will be for sale shortly when finished. Get your order in now before
      they are gone.
      > Remember Weavers, sock machines are great for knitting tubes to be woven. Get
      > rid of all the left over scraps of yarn and weave them into a beautiful rug,
      > place mats or handbags.

      1. Creelman Money Maker with a 54 and 72 slot cylinder and 36 ribber (just
      like a Legare 400) And tid bit of information....According to the old
      Catalog I have this is their best model. The Improved Money Maker was a
      less expensive model they offered with the same Vcam system as an Auto
      Knitter. This machine will be mechanically restored and not painted.
      (Unless you insist :o) You will get a copy of the Creelman Catalog with the

      2. Legare 400 with a 54/72 and 36 ribber set up. It is all ready stripped
      and is waiting to be polished and knitted on before painting. Your choice
      of 8 colors.

      3. Auto Knitter. First starter machine I've had available in a long time.
      This machine is US made in NY it is a 60/30 combo. I still need to test
      it though.

      > All of my sock machines come with accessories and are complete. Everything
      > you need to knit socks will be included.

      Prices on the sock machines will vary as to the amount of work I have to
      put into them and if they are painted or not.
      Remember if you buy a sock machine from us you receive a $100 discount on
      our Cast iron Victorian base and custom made steel sock knitting machine
      tables .Please contact me for details and check out my website for all the
      items that are included with my sock knitting machines.

      Payment: Pay Pal CASH funded only, money orders, personal checks wait to

      Thanks for looking

      CSM Sales, Restorations, Accessories
      Majacraft Spinning Wheels
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