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  • Linda
    Hi All, See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (& 6 *free* patterns) at: http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com Thanks for lookin ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Hi All,
      See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (&
      6 *free* patterns) at: http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com
      Thanks for lookin',
      Linda in PA

      >J&P Coats Book # 2, A BOOK OF GENERAL CROCHET WORK, undated - 1910s
      29 pages. Red tinted photos & diagrams of designs by Anne Orr. Filet
      crochet; boudoir lamp; pillow; insertions; baby cap of pop corn
      stitch (lovely!); peacock panel in filet; pram robe; Irish crochet
      bag & collar; filet brassiere; corset cover in filet; tea tray
      cloth; church lace.

      >Lily #1100, PORTRAITS IN CROCHET, no date ($5.00)
      24 page booklet with a truly fabulous assortment of projects for
      every room of the house! Among the 35+ items are: lamp shades; flower
      dish and candlesticks; pin cushions; barbecue mitts; toy scottie;

      >Clark's #265, BATHROOM BEAUTIES, 1950  ($3.50)
      15 page booklet has color photos of really *cool* bath towel
      decorations: Penguin, goldfish; daisy; poinsettia, cherries, more.
      Cute sewn to a kiddies T-shirt!

      >Clark's #508, CONTEMPORARY CROCHET THROUGHOUT THE HOME, 1954 ($4.50)
      31 page booklet has *fab* color photos of 50's rooms! Projects for
      every part of the house: lampshade covers; place mats; table cloth;
      pillows; rugs. For fans of the 50's!

      >Star #68, POCKET POTHOLDERS, 1950 ($2.75)
      15 pages in perfect condition. 15 pot holders including; cowboy boot;
      frog; pig; sombrero; & more. You could decorate a kid's jacket with
      some of these!

      >Royal Society #25, HAND CROCHET DOILIES, 1951 ($3.50)
      23 page booklet has blue-tinted B&W photos of 14 crochet doilies and
      2 to knit.

      >Coats & Clark #289, AFGHANS, 1952 ($4.00)
      15 page booklet has color photos of designs 9 to crochet and 2 to
      knit. Stay cozy in your 50's home with these stylish lovelies.

      >Margaret Ramsay & Sondra Miller, CROCHETING FOR THE HOME, Creative
      Home Libraries, 1977 ($6.00)
      208 page hardback has lightly bumped corners, but is in good
      condition. DJ shows expected wear. B&W photos, diagrams and color
      plate section. A variety techniques are introduced and home decor
      projects are provided to use them: tapestry; filet; afghan; woven;
      shapes; free-form shaping!

      >Anne Halliday, DECORATING WITH CROCHET, Houghton Mifflin, 1975
      154 page hardback/dust jacket in good/fair condition. Color plate
      section and b&w photos of a variety of home decor items: rugs;
      tapestries, afghans; pillows; place mats; curtains; pictures
      (butterfly; bouquet; love & strawberry), more.

      >American School of Needlework #1132, THREAD CROCHET BIRDHOUSES, 1992
      16 pages with 6 charming birdhouse designed by Jennie Black. They are
      5-6" high.

      >Bernat #233, TABRIZ NEEDLE ART, 1977 ($3.00)
      56 pages with 42 designs that are mainly crochet: rugs; pillow
      covers; placemats; shoebag; 2 pair of bootie style slippers; filet
      curtain; ottoman cover; turtle pillow; etc. There are 4 macrame plant
      hangers. 3 pillows & 2 dolls to knit.

      >AFGHANS FOR ALL SEASONS, Leisure Arts & Oxmoor, 1993 ($5.00)
      143 page hardback in like new condition. 52 afghans categorized by
      season offers a variety of patterns for both beginning & advanced
      crocheters. Afghans for everyone in the family from masculine designs
      for dad & feminine frills for mom to bright throws for children &
      cuddly cover-ups for baby.

      Prices do not include shipping
      Currently accepting:
      -PayPal (Cash Only. Do *NOT* accept credit card.);
      -personal check (but wait til they clear b4 mailing);
      -money order/cashier check (ship ASAP).
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