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  • Linda
    Hi All, See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (& 6 *free* patterns) at http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com Thanks for lookin , Linda
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      Hi All,
      See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (&
      6 *free* patterns) at http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com
      Thanks for lookin',
      Linda in PA

      >Donar Products, WEAVE-IT LOOM - 4.5", undated ($20.00)
      4.5" square loom with plastic base has .75" high metal prongs & is
      used to make 4" squares. The prongs are straight & bright & shiny.
      Two sides of the loom are imprinted with numbers. Basic "how-to"
      instruction sheet included. No needle, no box.

      >Wah Hing Toys, WEAVING LOOM FUN, #03216, undated ($15.00)
      Very clean white plastic heddle loom with bright pink knobs is 16"
      long (fully extended) x 9.75" wide and 4" high. Comes with 3 10"
      white plastic shuttles; 1 8"x2" white plastic comb; instructions for
      warping & weaving. Original box has a couple of small 'dings', but is
      in overall good condition.

      >Walter Palange, Inc., KNITTING PAL, undated ($15.00)
      This kits contains: 10 red plastic comb segments; 8 snap together
      needles; 3 clamps; and, a small format 15 page booklet in good
      condition. Booklet provides directions for: cast on/off; basic
      stitch; inc/dec; symbols; stitches; 2 poatterns This is very easy to
      use! I'm a leftie & had no problems following the directions (which
      happens at times with some gizmos <sigh>)

      >Speed Knit Kit Inc., SPEED-KNIT WHEEL & BOOKLET, undated ($15.00)
      White plastic 12" round loom has 32 1" high pegs. Undated 18 page
      booklet has stain on lower back cover and includes directions for:
      how-to knit round & flat; hat; scarf; tam; bags; tennis racquet
      cover; doggie coat; golf club covers; slippers.

      >KNIT-WIT, Tools, Accessories & Booklet, undated - 1960's ($10.00)
      This kit contains: 2 round Knit-Wit gadgets; 2 adapters for making
      square rosettes; 2 pom-pon adapters; and, 2 pom-pon makers Includes a
      23 page pattern booklet, #67 FAMILY CLASSICS that is in fair
      condition. Patterns for 16 family fashions such as: baby sacques;
      women's dress, vests & pullovers; girl's party dress & tops, etc.

      >K-TEL KNITTER & "Grant's Looping" Booklet, 1969 ($10.00)
      This kit consists of a knitting gadget is stamped "Imra-loop, Made in
      Germany " a one page "how-to" instruction sheet dated 1969 and a 19
      page "Grant's Looping" booklet that contains 22 patterns to make with
      the gizmo. Patterns include cardis, slip-ons, skirts & dresses (3 for
      men; 9 for women; 4 for men; 1 afghan; 1 hart & scarf set)

      >Hero vol 22 Enlarged Edition, DOROTHY BRADFORD, undated ($3.00)
      24 page booklet in near-perfect condition may be 1960's reprint of a
      1940's booklet. B&W photos of 9 hairpin lace edgings & 17
      projects "for hairpin lace, knitting, crocheting". All projects are
      based on hairpin lace, only one uses knitting for finishing. Lots of
      baby stuff (booties, caps, sacques, crib covers); 1 afghan; bath room
      rug & seat cover; women's capelette. Interesting stuff.

      >Rita J. Adrosko, NATURAL DYES & HOME DYEING, Dover, 1971 ($6.50)
      154 page soft cover is in good condition. Contains 52 recipes for
      dyes made from natural, easily obtained dyestuffs: apple, birch,
      maple, sassafras; coffee beans, etc. Also, provides directions
      for "top dyeing (successive dyeing)" and a history of the craft.

      >Stanislaw A. Zielinkski, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HAND-WEAVING, Funk &
      Wagnalls, 1959 ($8.50)
      190 page paperback in good condition has *minor* chip on front cover.
      Offers in alphabetical form clear definitions of weaving terms.
      Profusely illustrated with B&W drawings& photos. A special feature is
      the large number of pattern drafts which are identified by country of

      Sterling, 1977 ($14.50)
      256 page hardback in good condition - slight warp to boards. B&W
      photos, diagrams and written directions for 300 crochet blocks of
      various shapes using a variety of techniques such as: puff; V-stitch;
      popcorn; relief; shells; picot.

      >Mon Tricot #D71, 900 STITCHES, Crown, 1972 ($7.50)
      161 page soft cover in good condition. B&W photos accompany
      directions for 900 knit & crochet stitches including: basic
      techniques; knit lace; knit jacquards; tunisian crochet; woven
      crochet, etc.

      >SASHIKO, Nihon Vogue, 1987 ($15.00)
      Profusely illustrated 42 page soft cover in very good condition has
      over 50 diagrams & color photos of shashiko quilting designs.
      Japanese language.

      >Nannette Holmberg, VARIATIONS IN CHENILLE, That Patchwork Place,
      1997 ($7.50)
      87 page soft cover in very good condition. Directions for
      making "faux chenille" Instructions for 5 projects: 2 wall hangings;
      2 jackets and a vest.

      >Dorothea Hall (edt.), THE GENTLE ARTS, Exeter Books, 1986 ($15.00)
      156 page hard cover with DJ in very good condition. Offers directions
      & projects for: needle lace; bobbin lace; tatting; knitted lace;
      crocheted lace; and filet crochet. Beautifully illustrated with color
      photos & drawings.

      >Kaori O'Connor, CREATIVE DRESSING, Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1981
      192 page hardback/dust jacket is a clean ex-library copy in good
      condition. A Cool Book! Sewing section includes: Trans-cultural
      Clothes (12 designs); Fabric & Surface Design (5 designs). Machine
      Knitting section with 4 designs. Hand-knitting section includes:
      Kaffe Fasset; Heinz Edgar Kiewe; Jennifer Kiernan; Jaime Ortega & 19
      more designs! Really, a Very Cool Book!

      Prices do not include shipping
      Currently accepting:
      -PayPal (cash only, *no* credit card);
      -personal check (but wait til they clear b4 mailing);
      -money order/cashier check (ship ASAP).
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