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  • Linda
    Hi All, See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (& 5 *free* patterns) at http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com Thanks for lookin , Linda
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
      Hi All,
      See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale (&
      5 *free* patterns) at http://www.lrvictor.bravepages.com
      Thanks for lookin',
      Linda in PA

      >Spool Cotton Co #174, SOCKS & MITTENS FOR THE FAMILY, 1941 ($3.00)
      22 in fair condition - cover is taped on & general condition is
      fragile. Directions for at least: 16 socks; 1 slipper sox; 5 mittens;
      2 gloves; & six hats.

      >Bear Brand vol 340, HAND KNIT SOCKS FOR MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, 1950
      38 pages with over 30 socks for the family. Also has directions for 2
      slippers socks, slippers, bed socks, peds, and knee warmers. The
      highlight though are 2 stockings - one cabled & one ribbed.

      >Fleisher's HAND KNIT SOCKS, Vol. 86, 1950 ($6.00)
      31 pages crammed with at least 21 sock for the family (cable, argyle,
      clock socks, geometrics, fair-isle, etc); knit & crochet lounging
      socks (the sort that have sewn on soles); peds; knee-warmers; bed-

      >Columbia #109, NOVELTIES, ACCESSORIES, BED JACKETS, 1945 ($6.00)
      32 pages with glamorous B&W photos of over 30 luxurious projects to
      knit and crochet. To Crochet: shoulderette; bed-jacket; night-cap &
      booties; 2 muffs (one with purse) snood; bolero; vest (almost free-
      form!) 4 hat & bag sets; mittens; knitting bag. To Knit: evening
      blouse; stole; hand-bag; dickey; plaid purse & turban; house jacket;
      shoulderette; 2 bed-jackets; bed slippers; beach shorts & halter;
      scarf; cable gloves; knitting bag; cable socks; argyle socks.

      >Leisure Arts #224, LEG WARMERS & SOCKS, 1982 ($2.50)
      6 pages with directions for 3 leg warmers, one knee high sock & one
      shortie sock.

      >Coats & Clark's #290, ACCESSORIES IN WOOL...FOR MEN, WOMEN,
      CHILDREN, 1952 ($2.50)
      15 page booklet has color photos of about 18 designs for: hats;
      gloves; mittens; socks; even a stole & a shrug, too. Cover is
      partially split along spine.
      >Hilde Fuchs Vol 117, MITTENS, SOCKS & ACCESSORIES BY HILDE, 1967
      15 pages with 16 projects: children's, ladies & men's gloves; scarf;
      2-ndl snowman mittens; 3 ndl-snowflake mittens; bedsock; ladies
      angora mittens; children's mittens; 5 socks (spiral, plain, ribbed,
      cable clock, 2-tone cable clock); golf club covers; and, yes, a dog

      >Dritz Vol 32, HAND CROCHET FASHIONS BY DRITZ, 1953 ($3.75)
      27 pages with 14 hats, 17 bags, stoles & 2 skirts; 2 stole; 1 caplet;
      and, 1 blouse. Great bags & awesome lidz.

      >Star #107, HATS, BAGS, & BULKIES, no date ($3.75)
      31 pages with lots of cool things. To Crochet: 14 hats; 11 bags; V-
      neck slip-on; bat wing cardi; 2 belts & 2 collars. To Knit: Bulky
      cardi; short sleeve cardi; and, a stocking cap.

      >Star #117, NEW HATS, BAGS, COLLARS, BULKIES, no date ($3.75)
      31 pages with even more cool things. To Crochet: 13 hats; 4 bags; 2
      hat & bag sets for lil' missy; 3 collars; shortie cape; and "The
      Hairpin Lace Pirate" (this is a hat). To Knit: Bulky cardi; Shortie
      cardi; Bat Wing bulky; and, Cap-Scarf.

      >Fleisher-Bear Brand-Botany Vol 14, STOLES, HATS, SCARFS TO KNIT OR
      CROCHET, 1968 ($3.75)
      23 pages with at least 25 projects. To Knit: A Snood!; 8 hats; 5
      berets; 1 shawl; 1 stole; an ascot; 3 scarfs. To Crochet: 2 stoles; 2
      hats; 1 scarf.

      >Beehive #98, FAMILY HEADWEAR & SCARVES, undated 1980's ($3.00)
      Small format 22 page booklet has 17 hats to knit for the family.
      Watch caps, tams, stocking hats, helmets, balaclava, kerchief,
      kiddie's cat ear hat, and the delightfully fun "Ali Baba" for kidz
      (but, re-size this for yourself).

      >Craft Publications #7289, STITCHED 'N STYLISH CROCHET PURSES,
      undated 1970-80's ($3.00)
      23 pages with 16 bags to crochet designed by Mae Rachels.

      >Leisure Arts #356, SLIPPERS!, 1985 ($2.00)
      6 pages with 9 designs of which 3 are to knit.

      >House of White Birches #101040, FANCY FEET, 1981 ($2.00)
      7 pages with 5 delightful bootie-style slippers designed by Michele
      Maks Thompson.

      >>NOVEMBER 2003 SALE:
      Buy 2 or more items from any of the following categories & a receive
      a 10% discount off the listed price during October, 2003. Prices do
      not include shipping.

      >For Sale in the "THIS & THAT" Category:
      ->Dolls & Toys

      >For Sale in the "RECENT MAGAZINES from 1980's" Category:
      ->Mixed Needlecraft

      >For Sale in the "RECENT PATTERN BOOKLETS from 1980's" Category:
      ->Cables & Bulkys & more

      Prices do not include shipping
      Currently accepting:
      -PayPal (cash only, no credit card);
      -personal check (but wait til they clear b4 mailing);
      -money order/cashier check (ship ASAP).
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