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Re: For Sale--Destash MK & HK books, patterns

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  • Elaine (MrsT)
    Hello fellow knitters, I thought I d try and sell them back into the knit groups before going elsewhere. Many of these books I ve personally bought in a quest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2003
      Hello fellow knitters,
      I thought I'd try and sell them back into the knit groups before going

      Many of these books I've personally bought in a quest to learn new
      techniques, so I know first hand that these are valuable resources for
      beginners and experienced machine (& some hand) knitters. All are USED; but
      in good to very good condition unless otherwise noted. Pictures available
      by request.

      Prices do not include shipping (First class or Priority-by request). Paypal
      bank funded is preferred, Money order/cashiers check, cash-your own risk,
      or personal check. Please send email with name and zip for purchase

      Thank you, and please feel free to ask any questions.

      Machine Knitters:

      1. The Machine Knitters Handbook by Hazel Pope. HC w/dust jacket $ 9.98
      2. Toyota Knitting Patterns--stitch encyclopedia. HC w/dust jacket
      3. Knitting Machine Patterns booklets #2,3, 4. 1968--various simple
      patterns in each booklet (w 8-button instructions) dresses, capes, skirts,
      sweaters, bikini, bikini cover-up, etc. 3.98

      4. Cotton tops set 2 by Lois Blystone (10 patterns) 3.98
      5. Cool tops " a breeze to knit" (variations on the shell) by Kay Furfaro
      6. The Machine knitters guide to yarn selection by batthouse publications

      7. The little sweater (surplice raglan 2-button) by Lynne M. Higgins (A
      string slinger pattern) 3.98
      8. Easy and Elegant Ruffles, Ruffles, Ruffles (includes: ruffled jumpers
      and skirt in girls sizes 2-7) by Lezley Grzegorczyk 3.98
      9. How to utilize the Garter bar by ??? no publ name, or (c), or author
      found 2.98

      10. the Afghan sweater by Yvonne M. Rhodes 4.98
      11. Fashions in sizes by Hazel Mae Selzer (Alles Hutchinson publications)
      cardigans, pullovers, vests, tank tops, four panel skirt, jersey, slacks for
      children. 7.98
      12. Maternity Outfits (12 patterns) by Lois Blystone 3.98

      13. Knits with a twist (embellishments for knits) 7.98
      14. Chenille, Mohair, & Highland Aran (drop shoulder sweaters & cardigans)
      15. Let's knit for Baby by Patricia Wetzel 4.98

      16. SINGER- jumpers and Cardigans: Raglan Sleeves 4.98
      17. SINGER--Vests-plain and buttoned 4.98
      18. SINGER--jumpers and Cardigans: Baby book 4.98

      19. Basic Plating techniques by batthouse publications 2.98
      20. Family Knits Vol. 1 by Sandy Lightfoot 5.98
      21. Family Knits Vol. 2 by Sandy Lightfoot 6.98

      22. Uniquely Yours Classic Cardigans: Crewneck, V-neck, and pullover
      styles 19 sizes 7.98
      23. Learn How for Machine knitters: 10 projects by Elaine Balke 2.98
      24. Learn How for Machine knitters Book Two : Second step 2.98

      25. The Baby Book Volume 1 by mariette 5.98
      26. The Brother Beginners Collection No. 2 9.98
      27. Sweaters for Boys Vol. 1 by Lois Blysonte and Sylvia Stewart 4.98

      28. Jellybean knits for Babies by Camilla 4.98
      29. Jellybean knits for Toddlers by Camilla 4.98
      30. Eve of Victoria MK course by Esther Anderson 6.98

      31. Eve of Victoria II MK course by Esther Anderson 6.98
      32. Knitting Machine Workbook No. (Basic techs)1 by Tami N. 9.98
      33. Knitting Machine Workbook No. 2 (Ribber) by Tami N. 9.98

      34. Eclectroknit Patterns Vol. 1 & 2 only by Brother 14.98
      35. Sandee's Kwik Knits book 1(sweaters for the family: boatnecks,
      v-necks, crewnecks) 7.98
      36. Sandee's Kwik Knits Book 2(revised edition drop shoulder sweaters for
      the family: boatnecks, v-necks, crewnecks, scoopnecks) 9.98

      37. Sandee's Kwik Knits book 5(cardigan supplement for the family:
      crewnecks, v-necks) 7.98
      38. The 100 in 1 sweater book 1 by Loretta conley 14.98
      39. Passap duomatic patterns: 3 booklets for Basic cardigans and sweaters

      40. Machine knit America magazine Jan/Feb 1996 3.98
      41. Machine knit America magazine May/Jun 1993 3.98
      42. The Carriage Trade Feb/Mar/Apr 87 1.98

      Hand knitters:

      I'd like to sell these as a lot:

      A classic Straker Design #729-V Jim (knit vest)
      " " " " #841 Boater (boatneck sweater)
      "" " " #103 Lara (mohair-jacket)
      The Katahdin Moose Sweater and hat by Main Maid
      Phildar leaflet No. 30 -- 4 seasonal designs
      Lopy Reynolds light Vol. 32--"Diamond and Cross" pullover & Men's Varsity
      The Camden Tulip Sweater by Maine Maid
      PoemeSports by Reynolds--Vol. 113 Surplice cable pullover, outdoorsman
      pullover, ribbed T-pullover

      All of these for 9.98

      email to: ethomson@...

      Ebay Id: onebatymom.

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