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Re: New Hand Dyed and Handspun

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  • joyce99033099
    I have still available a 2 oz and 4 oz kit of the Seafoam 2 oz kit includes 1/2 oz dyed fleece and a skein of Kid Mohair/Lamb s wool with some teal blue
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2003
      I have still available a 2 oz and 4 oz kit of the "Seafoam"
      2 oz kit includes 1/2 oz dyed fleece and a skein of Kid
      Mohair/Lamb's wool with some teal blue Fringe for a really soft next
      to the skin scarf project.
      I have just redone the web page at


      The colorway is shown under "Pricelist-Batts" in the digital picture
      next to the beautiful blue Mohair lock.

      For scarf ideas, there are views of the completed projects shown in
      large photos.

      I have also added pictures of "The Garden" and the new "Alpaca"

      Since spring is here, the fountain is working, and spinning in the
      garden gives me a creative surge.

      Get a spindle and some fiber and start spinning or grab some fleece
      or roving and dye-dye-dye!

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      <joyce3099@n...> wrote:
      > I have been home spinning, and just finished some really nice Kid
      > Mohair combinations, about 1/2 mohair and 1/2 Bluefaced Leicester
      > Coopworth Lamb, very very soft for next-to-the skin wear. The
      > combinations are dyed in Seafoam varying shades of aqua, blue,
      > seagreen and white. Very cool, reminds be of the Bahamas, that
      > beautiful sea Blue. Also did up one with Indigo, pink, lavender
      > purples. There is about 100 grams, which would be about 2
      > balls of the mohair size usually found in shops. Probably 100
      > The way I use it is to group together color families, and knit a
      > scarf lengthwise, leading out the fringe edge and looping back to
      > continue each row. This matches the row to the fringe.I can add
      > of my stash of yarns, even use commercial yarn or glitz and
      > of iridescent fiber. This is a great way to icorporate my
      > which is usually in designer boutique small one of a kind amounts,
      > and when mixed with other yarns, ensures there is enough for the
      > whole project. I have some pictures of blends at
      > http://www.angelfire.com/space/stevia/HOMEyarn.html.
      > The mohairs I finished also are combined with a long strand
      > lock. Lincoln is glossy and worsted spun, while the mohair peeks
      > out and "halo" effect will show. The color is shell pink, with
      > lavender shades. Beautiful. If your e mail allows it, you can
      > a link on te page and I can send take a digital picture of the
      > newest ones. I think you can get an idea by some of the pictures
      > the page. The dyeing I did with copper pennies came out really
      > different, it is a verdigris, the grey green color of oxidized
      > copper, and I used a strand of copper glitz, along with a space
      > strand of edging in peach,green,beige and rust variations. It
      > is a nice scarf, and small, for neck wrap. 14 inches long and
      > 5 inches wide. I am adding to the page, to explain how to dye
      > avocado skins and pits (beautiful magenta pinks) and last summer's
      > goldenrod and dahlia heads for sunny colors. The garden I plant
      > has plenty of coreopsis, and this is very reliable as a dyeplant.
      > also was very surprised at the beautiful gentle light green I got
      > from hollyhock and ragweed! I called it Raggety-weed Green!
      > Happy spinning..Happy Knitting...Happy dyeing
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