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38444Dale Tiur for sale

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  • c_zylla
    Jun 16, 2014

      From smoke-free, pest-free home,

      We do have 2 collies who don't play with yarn:

      Dale Tiur  50 gm skeins/121 yds, in following colors/amounts:

      (The colors are my own description-- not Dale's)

      Dark Green 7562 1738 (? numbers stamped very faintly) 2 skeins

      Lt. Green 8533 0441 1 skein

      Celery 9835  3288 1 sk

      Terracotta 3436  6323 1 sk

      Gold 2526 4844 1 sk

      Red 4027 7868 2 sk

      Med. Blue 563? 1029 (label very faint) 1 sk

      Tan 2343  6552 2 sk

      Chocolate Brown 3872 8215 1 sk

      Ecru/Ivory 0020 4263 6 sk, 2 w/0 labels but bought at same time

      Navy 5664 12 sk, all lot 0364

      Please email me directly for photos.

      Prices:  Purchase all 29 skeins for $ 145.00 plus actual Priority Mail Large Box Flat rate plus Insurance, or by the skein at $7.00/skein plus applicable postage plus insurance.  I will use a clean recycled box/envelope when possible to save trees.  

      Terms:  Accepting Paypal to the USA address listed with your Paypal account;  shipments elsewhere dependent on complexity of paperwork to your country and availability of insured/tracking as recommended by Paypal.  Local drop off may be possible if we already have dinner plans! 

      From home of Cheryl Zylla in zip 55447.