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38433Tons of One-Skein Scarf Yarn

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  • anywhereontheiucampus
    Jun 3, 2014

      TONS of one-skein scarf yarn

      Pictures on request or they can be seen in my Ravelry For Sale section:


      Great Adirondack Fluff, Fiesta Flirt, Circulo Renda Trico, Circulo Tecido Trico, Online Punta, Berroco Lacey and Lacey Metallic, Berroco Ric Rac and Ric Rac Long Print, Rozetti Marina Multi. 

      Pricing and details at end of email.

      Purchases of $25 and greater ship for free in the U.S.  If you are in another country, let's discuss shipping.

      Purchases of $50-$99.99 will receive a 12% discount on the total.  Purchases of $100-$199 will receive a 15% discount.  Purchases of $200 and greater will receive a 20% discount.

      All yarn is new and unused unless otherwise specified, but PLEASE DO ask any questions you might have before you buy to be sure that you will be happy with your purchase. This is final sale unless I totally messed something up.

      Non-smoking house; yarn is stored away from pets.

      PayPal strongly preferred for domestic shipments but required for international sales.

      I can usually ship within one day of receiving payment.

      I am selling my entire stash of 50+ bins, and will be posting specific items a few at a time on this list, but if you don't want to wait, would like to see everything now, and are a member of Ravelry, I have listed everything for sale there.  My Rav name is Tanager. 

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      Sara Bettencourt, Houston, TX

      Great Adirondack Fluff, $18 plus $1 shipping each (Retails for $35).

      Available: one each of Tiffany, Autumn, Clematis, Grenada, Heather, Mango, Night Shades, Rosepetal, Songbird, Violets, Watermelon.

      Two each of Aztec, Black Violets, Caribbean, Chagall

      Three each of Pheasant, Zulu


      Berroco Lacey, $10 plus $2 shipping each. 

      One each of Cocoa, Old Rose, Tan, Cranberry, Sandstone

      Berroco Lacey Metallic, $10 plus $2 each. 

      One each of #s 8300, 8317, 8331, 8334, 8345, 8355, 8370

      Berroco Ric Rac, $9 plus $2 shipping each. 

      One each of Rosabella, Poppy, Angelica, Grotto, Alder Bark, Jasmine, Aqua, Greens

      Berroco Ric Rac Long Print, $9 plus $2 shipping each. 

      One each of #s: 1170, 1172, 1175, 1180, 1181, 1183, 1186

      Circulo Yarns Renda Trico, $10 plus $2 shipping each. 

      One each of white, purple, blue, hot pink, light pink

      Circulo Yarns Tecido Trico, $10 plus $2 shipping each. 

      One each of #s 261, 266, 2610, 2611, 2630, 2632, 2636, 2638, 2650, 2651, and animal print unknown color #

      Fiesta Flirt, $10 plus $2 shipping each (Retails for $26). 

      One each of Painted Desert, Abalone, African Violets, Cool Breeze, Quince, Raspberry Mocha

      Online Punta, $3.95 plus $1 shipping each. 

      One each of #s 22, 24, 29, 30, 32, 24, 35.

      Two each of #s 15, 28, 37

      Rozetti Marina Multi, $5 plus $1 shipping each.

      One each of Embers, Poppies, Amethyst, Classic Film, Masquerade, Renaissance