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  • knitswap@yahoogroups.com
    May 1, 2014
      Ladies and Gentlemen,

      I hate to do this, but since the same problems keep cropping up time after time, I'm writing to remind you that each of us needs to follow the same rules.

      If you want to sell something here, your post has to identify specific items with specific prices. You can't just invite folks over to your flick'r page or website or blog to look at what you have.

      If you want to sell something here, your post also has to have your full name, first and last, in the body of the post.

      If you have restrictions on how people can pay for things, say so up front, in your offering post.

      These are the current bug-a-boos that Janet and I are spending far too many hours a week reminding folks about as we reject messages that don't adhere to the guidelines. Remember, the FAQs (right there in the files section so you can look any time you want) are emailed to you once a month.

      I hope you can forgive the terseness of this note. I know that so many of you play exactly by the rules, and that it's really just a few of you that think that rules are for other people. If you're among the many == thank you. If you're among the few -- pretty please... give me a chance to write a MomNote that says thanks for a month without a rejected message.


      List Mom
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