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33022FS: blue Denise needle set + Companion set, 3 longer cords

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  • Tabitha
    Apr 1, 2009
      It's time to find my Denise set a new home. I cringe at the thought of letting this go, but I've rarely used it since finding Addis. Only used a few of the needle tips, mainly 7's and 8's. Occassionally the 5's, and a few times the 10.5.

      Very gently used. Blue set, plus blue companion cord set. I'd like to sell these together and not separately.

      I have all my items together. One end cap from the companion set is missing. My dd handed to me the other day and I don't know where I placed it.

      Plus, I have the 3 longer cord lengths in pink: 30", 40", and 52". I used the 40" one once. It is in an unlabeled bag.

      I have a non-smoking and pet-free homeĀ…incase you worry about allergies.

      Asking $50 just for the Denise needle set + Companion cord set.

      Add the extra three longer pink cords to the set for an additional $15.

      Tabitha Daniel