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  • Linda
    Oct 1, 2006
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      Hi All,
      See cover scans of these & other modestly priced goodies for sale at
      Thanks for lookin',
      Linda Victor in PA

      Vintage wooden wooly board in Excellent condition. Made of
      approximately .25" thick wood, this stands 32" high on two struts.
      The shoulders can be adjusted from 16" to 18.75" across. The waist
      can be adjusted from 11.5" to 20.5" wide. The arms are 5.5" wide at
      the shoulder & taper to 2" at the wrist and are 26" long. They can be
      moved to various positions. No original box.

      >SPINNERIN RAGLAN SWEATER WHEEL, Bea Freeman, 1969 ($17.50)
      Sturdy cardboard sweater wheel in very good condition is
      approximately 11.5" diameter and comes in the original plastic bag
      (also in very good condition). A cool gadget that provides knitting
      directions for 360 basic raglan sweaters with sizes ranging from baby
      to men's 48 using 3 wool weights (fingering, sport & worsted).

      >YARN WINDER ($27.50)
      No date or manufacturer on the page of instructions that comes with
      this sturdy white & red wool winder. The cone is about 3.5" tall.
      Original box in good condition.

      >Leisure Arts #159, SEAMLESS RAGLANS 9 Mos. to Size 50, 1979 ($4.50)
      22 page booklet with a fill-in-the-form format directions to knit
      from the top down raglan sweaters and cardigans in a various sizes
      with either worsted or sports weight yarn. Variations include stripes
      & a small Fair Isle pattern.

      >Leisure Arts #2514, BACK TO BASICS SET-IN SLEEVES, 1994 ($4.50)
      18 pages. Fill-in-the-blank approach to create directions to make set-
      in sleeve pullovers & cardigans using sport or worsted weight yarn
      for sizes 32-40.

      Shuttle Craft Guild Monograph 23, 1968 ($10.00)
      25+ page softcover book with light soiling to covers is in good
      condition. Part 1 covers types of looms, questions about looms &
      includes directions for building a two-harness loom. Part 2 has B&W
      charts of pick-up & brocade patterns.

      >BUCILLA "WAFFLE-WEAVE" ADJUSTABLE LOOM #4515, undated ($25.00)
      Ready to assemble vintage wood loom in very good condition comes in
      original box (fair - end flaps are missing). Each of the four pieces
      of the loom is 17.25" long x 5/8" tall x .50" thick and has a
      threaded metal prong at one end with a wing nut & a metal bracket.
      There are 29 notches on each piece creating 28 "prongs" that are 3/8"
      tall & wide x 5/8" thick. There are 10 holes on each piece so the
      loom can be assembled to different dimensions. There are no
      directions but I'll allow you to download scans from a booklet from a
      similar vintage loom.

      >AFGHAN LOOM, undated ($5.00)
      Three bright & shiny metal looms with retractable prongs that allow
      you to make 2.5", 3" & 4" squares. There's also a finishing needle &
      a page with directions for wrapping & tying off the squares.
      Original box in good condition.

      >Diana Blake Gray, RAGS TO RUGS, 1985 & KNITTED RAG RUGS FOR THE
      CRAFTSMAN, 1988  ($7.00)
      Two, small format (8.5" x 6"), 40 page softcover booklets cover
      knitting with rag strips. Rags to Rugs has directions for rugs,
      potholders, pads, runners & placemats. Knitted Rag Rugs for the
      Craftsman, is devoted to rugs & includes directions for rake knitting.

      >Kathleen Carpenter, KATHLEEN'S FABRIC LOCKER HOOKING, MCG Textiles,
      Inc., 200?, undated ($14.00)
      48 page soft cover book in good condition is illustrated color photos
      & diagrams. Directions for locker rug hooking and 4 projects: Hat
      Pad, Pillow, and 9 Rugs.

      >Cindy Murray, THE HAPPY RUG HOOKER, The Empty Spool, 2003 ($10.00)
      49 page soft cover book in good condition is illustrated color photos
      & diagrams. Directions for locker rug hooking and 4 patterns, gallery
      & soup recipes, as well. Who could ask for anything more.

      The kit consists of 3 new items in un-opened bags: BRAID CRAFT
      (booklet, 3 braiding cones, lacer & heavy thread); CRAFT-MATE (This
      tool is used in braiding, macrame twisting yarns & knotting cords &
      has a direction sheet); and, STRIP-IT (Instructions & Projects
      Ideas, This tool cuts fabric into thin strips).

      Prices do not include shipping
      Currently accepting:
      -PayPal (Cash or eCheck payments only. Do *NOT* accept credit card or
      debit card);
      -money order/cashier check (ship ASAP);
      -personal check (will wait for it to clear b4 shipping).