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  • knitswap@yahoogroups.com
    Jan 1, 2003
      Updated/Amended 11/12/2002

      You are subscribed to the KnitSwap mailing list. You may post offerings to swap or sell knitting, spinning, weaving, and crochet related things.
      Alas, I have learned that I must address the following subjects from the start, as the problems they can cause takes too much of my time.

      A General Rules

      1. Do NOT advertise eBay or other auctions. Do not post items here that are also currently offered on any auction site. You may post items offered here on an auction site no sooner than 10 days after they were offered here.

      2. Do NOT solicit readers to bid for your items. If you want an auction, go to an auction site.

      3. You may post ONCE per day offering items for sale or swap. Such posts need not be limited to one item, but the moderators will delay or delete multiple posts.

      4. You may post as often as necessary to advise the list that things have been sold. However, if you have a lot of items, you may want to save the list as a file, and update the file as things are sold. People who are interested in items listed previously can check your file.

      5. If you do not want to ship outside the U.S., please say so clearly in the post in which you list your offerings. If you will ship to some non-U.S. locales but not others, please identify the places to which you will not ship.

      6. A request to buy/swap does not create a "contract" with the other side until that side has expressed consent.

      7. Once an agreement is made, prompt payment or shipment is expected. If you delay more than a week without contact to the other party, he or she may feel free to offer it to another person, or to the list. He or she may also offer it on an auction site. You cannot complain that someone sells/swaps something "out from under you" if you took a month to send the check/money order etc.

      8. Do not solicit business for your LYS, online shop or site, or personal business. If you are a shop owner, feel free to put up specific offerings, (for example, items in your clearance bins or sale bins) BUT you MUST be sure to identify these offerings as items on sale or clearance from your shop, and identify the name of the shop. You can certainly swap personally, but please, don't follow up with your swap buddies by sending catalogs or solicitous emails unless you KNOW that they are actively wanted. This list may not be used for spamming.

      9. You are strongly encouraged to send feedback to the SwapFeedback list on every swap or transaction. Send feedback to swapfeedback@... and put the feedback recipient's NAME in the subject line.

      10. If you have any problems with swaps or sales with members of this list, please contact me. I will endeavor to facilitate a resolution, and if none can be found, will post a notice on the Feedback Page's Negative Reports site at http://www.angelfire.com/il/hkpope/NegReports.html explaining both sides of the story. This file is also at groups.yahoo.com/group/knitswap/files and at groups.yahoo.com/group/swapfeedback/files

      11. Do not post a problem to the whole list until the list mom has had a chance to prod the "offending" party. Give the list mom at least 3 days to get this done (she has a life too).

      12. If you post to the list about a problem (after giving the list mom some time to help resolve it), when it's resolved YOU MUST POST THAT IT HAS BEEN RESOLVED! It's grossly unfair to let 600 people know that there's a delay, without letting them know that the person about whom you complained came through. Think about how you'd feel if it was you! (if something bad happens in your household, your life gets in disarray, and you forget things. If people complain, you're branded as a bad person or at least a high risk swapper. If you come through, but the people don't say so... you carry that brand for a long time, even if our feedback rating stays positive!)

      13. If you receive prodding from the list mom(s), please respond asap. She's not trying to harrass you, she's trying to help both you and the other swapper in the deal.

      14. Regardless of the side you're on in a dispute: Do not "yell" at the list mom for doing this. Do not take out your anger or frustration wtih the other party on your list mom. She is a mediator, not a party to the dispute.Threatening others with reporting them to me is unacceptable behavior. If you have not been able to work things out, contact me. Do not (I repeat do NOT) tell the other party that if they don't do what you want you'll turn them in to me. If I learn of such behavior, that alone will earn one of you a negative feedback point (either the threatener, or the reporter of the threats if I am convinced that the report is false). [I can't believe I've had to say this!]

      15. Persons with excessive numbers of negative points will be banned from the list.

      16. When working out a deal for a large quantity of yarn or other items, it is a good ida to send a detailed list of the items sent/expected. This avoids the possibility that the two parties have differing expecations, and thus avoids disappointment.

      Whew. I hope I never have to add another point! However, having gotten that out of the way, we can now get on with the fun!

      I hope you enjoy the list! Please share your feedback with me - even if your swap originated elsewhere./
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