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Free Designs for Download Dear All Here you can get Best, Good and Free Designs http://www.bestembroiderydesign.snble.com Also you can download another designs from here
Jun 30, 2008
Ideal Knitting Bag/Tote My old knitting bag is falling apart. What would you recommend for a new one. Small and compact enough that I can carry it around when I want to bring knitting
Dec 17, 2007
diagonal knitted afghan this is for my wife...... she is trying to make a diagonal knitted afghan she wants to increase the width of the afghan without making it too much longer. We
Nov 29, 2007
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Re: Knitted Turkey Pattern There's this. It's a hat pattern, but you could just stuff it and sew it shut on the bottom. http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/fiber_arts/54084/1 Also found
Jean Snyder
Nov 29, 2007
Knitted Turkey Pattern Anyone know of a turkey knitted toy pattern? I want to make one or two for Thanksgiving. Diane
Nov 12, 2007
Re: Orange County, CA - Knitting Workshops I'm really getting desperate. I'm looking for instructions for a baby blanket made of building blocks. It kind of comes out looking a 3 dimensional blocks
janet horwitz
Oct 15, 2007
Re: felted slipper clogs There used to be a pattern by Donna wellman that was kinda similar. Last I knew she pulled it from the internet, but I have it saved on my computer. I can
Jul 18, 2007
Re: baby sweater Hello!! Try this pattern. I've made one sweater already and am working on another. http://yarntootin.typepad.com/5hourbabysweater.pdf I hope this helps.
adams doreen
Jul 17, 2007
Re: baby sweater Some people have different tension for purl rows. That might be the problem. rensopgj wrote: i'm looking for a pattern for a baby
Cindy Roberts
Jul 17, 2007
baby sweater i'm looking for a pattern for a baby sweaterworking from the top down. I'm also having a problem with my knitting. It seems like my tensionis off and the work
Jul 17, 2007
Love in Bloom Afghan Pattern I am looking for the afghan pattern called Love in Bloom. It is a knitted pattern.
Jul 16, 2007
Fiesta yarns free patterns In the new copy of Interweave Knits there is an ad for Fiesta Yarns and their few patterns on their web site. Several people have joined but not been able to
Jun 4, 2007
punching pattern on punch card If I have a 24 blank card 60 rows how would I punch a pattern that calls for 20 stitches and 23 rows for the pattern. Any help would be appriciated. Thank
Jun 4, 2007
mohair lacey pattern I am looking for a pattern that is lacey for an adult sweater in a range of 40-48 inch chest or a shawl. Prefer a free pattern as money is tight. I have a
Mar 24, 2007
HELP! hey everyone. i have been a member for a little bit, but i mostly just read messages and never post. but this is an emergency. i have a pattern that is not
Mar 24, 2007
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gumball afaghan pattern I know this is a knittng site but Iwas hoping that someone might have an afaghan pattern called gumball Thank, Sue
Sue Foster
Feb 5, 2007
Orange County, CA - Knitting Workshops Hello! For those of you living in and around Orange County, California - I am currently holding knitting workshops in various locations around Orange County.
Ruby Flamingo
Feb 5, 2007
Cabbage Patch dolls New to group!! I am looking for patterns for clothes for cabbage patch dolls. Does anyone have any or know of a website I can go to for free patterns for
Feb 5, 2007
Re: Cabbage Patch dolls Me too. I have a whole bunch that are naked and freezing in my camper. Jeanne - Does anyone have any patterns for clothes for
Jeanne Whipple
Feb 5, 2007
New and looking for Aran Pattern Hello to all! I am new to the group. I am looking for a heavy cabled Aran Fisherman's sweater with a turtleneck. Also, to fit a 54-56 inch chest. If you have a
Feb 5, 2007
here is a web site Re: [knitpatternexchange] Cabbage Patch dolls You might want to try looking at this web site. Barbara http://www.craftfinder.com/index.html ... From: "tjlinton1956" To:
Barbara Roske
Feb 5, 2007
Re: Infant skirt pattern? Patty Any drawstring neck poncho pattern may work. I say this because we were trying ponchos on my Grand-daughter one day for pictures for my website and she
Mira Luka
Feb 5, 2007
Re: Christmas Stocking patterns I have some patterns with santa, snowman,rudolph, rocking horse, they are all different not on the same one. Let me know if your interested I also have some
char yarnell
Feb 5, 2007
felted slipper clogs Hi everyone, I know that Fiber trends is supposed to have a good pattern for these. I was wondering if anybody knew of something similar for free on the
Feb 5, 2007
Re: Infant skirt pattern? I fyou look at large dolls patterns you can find skirt patterns there. I have in the past knitted many skirts for large dolls and they will fit an infant
Heather McFadden
Feb 5, 2007
Re: knitting link group? Glad to know you are ok Jeanne. I loved your group Regards Isobel I'm still here but I guess the group is gone. Is there something I can help you with.
Isobel Roberts
Feb 5, 2007
Re: hoodie I was looking at my patterns and not sure if the one will fit. It says that it goes to a 4yr old chest of 24. If you crochet as well I have one that is real
char yarnell
Feb 5, 2007
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Re: Infant skirt pattern? All I could find were dresses. Here is a link to some cute dresses that could possibly be modified to just a skirt. The baby links are about halfway through
Carly Purcell
Feb 5, 2007
super quick and easy scarf! Yes, it's a change from size 6 or 7 needles. It's really weird because after you use the big needles and then switch to the smaller needles they feel like
Sarah Lind
Jan 24, 2007
Re: Looking for Pattern - Santa Boot Nope. Thanks for looking. I found it a few days before vacation. It was hidden in folder in one of my many boxes. I scanned the pattern into the computer in
Jan 24, 2007
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