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Re: [knights_kingdom] Healing (attn: Seth, Jeremiah, Alanna)

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    ooc: Wait...is Sarah supposed to be with this group? I thought she was with the other one..............hmm. bic: Genesis nodded in acknowledgment. Apparently
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      ooc: Wait...is Sarah supposed to be with this group?  I thought she was with the other one..............hmm.
      Genesis nodded in acknowledgment.  Apparently the girl thought she would be put out at the need for healing.  A warrior understood the body's needs.  Perhaps Andra thought herself a higher being.  Genesis smiled and nodded permission to the Naia.
      The Naia, in turn, placed a hand on Genesis's face.  The healing flows moved through the broken vessels in her cheek, numbing it for a moment.  It only lasted a few moments, though.  Genesis had healed for the most part.  It looked worse than it actually had been.
      She bowed her head.  "We thank you, Healer."
      "Follow the current," the Naia said in response.
      Genesis led them out.  "I suppose we ought to find where Kaelan has settled us for the night," she said to them all.  "I cannot say with certainty if we'll remain there for the duration of this task.  We may be required to move more than once to remain safe."
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      Alanna remained still for several moments, partially because she was unable to move. Never had she felt so peaceful…so relaxed. It was surreal, almost as though she were drugged.


      “I thank you,” she said softly to the Naia, momentarily bowing her head in respect. She was not certain what the Naia meant about her aura interfering with the healing and she decided it best not to ask. The Naia went about her business, giving Alanna the hint to leave.


      A few moments later, she stepped out where the others were waiting. “I believe she wanted to heal you as well, Genesis,” Alanna said with a small smile. After the Blade had been so insistent about *her* being healed, Alanna figured she would return the favor.


      - Alanna

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