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Re: [knights_fantasy] Re: topic of discussion--please read and respond?

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  • Justice
    I know I d said this wasn t necessarily for game play, but I ve changed my mind. This is all about the game philosophy. That way we don t have to worry about
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      I know I'd said this wasn't necessarily for game play, but I've changed my mind.  This is all about the game philosophy.  That way we don't have to worry about getting too personal and introducing any controversial beliefs or challenging anyone else's.  Give you two cents on what a soul is.
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      Subject: [knights_fantasy] Re: topic of discussion--please read and respond?

      Following "Angel" for a template, it is a conscionse (PArdon
      Spelling) and a choice between good and evil.  Personally, it is what
      allows for feeling like hate and love and what makes each being
      unique to others in their own species.

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      > Hey, everyone, J here.  I have a question I was hoping each of you
      could give your two cents on.  This doesn't necessarily have to do
      with the games, but it could.
      > What do you think a soul is?  In relation to a human being and the
      components of life (mind, body, soul, spirit, etc.) what is the soul
      and what is its significance?

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