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273Re: Are Dragons and dragonhearts immortal?

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  • Lindsay!!
    May 15, 2007
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      I would say that because they are bonded that dragonhearts share the
      immortality of the Dragon unless the bond is broken. Also, I would
      imagine there should be some kind of limit to immortality. I would say
      that there must be some kind of injury they can't survive (i.e. major
      organs cut out, decaptiated, some other gruesome dismemberment of the
      body) that would kill a Dragon (thus severing the bond) or a
      dragonheart (breaking the bond). If that made remote sense (I swear it
      does in my head lol)


      --- In knights_fantasy@yahoogroups.com, Justice <jalbright@...> wrote:
      > I've sort of loosely implied that Dragons are immortal, but I've
      never actually said one way or the other. Here's a chance to weigh in
      and even help me make up my mind. :-D
      > Also, the dragonhearts--the humans bonded to them--share life force
      with the Dragons. If the Dragons are immortal, does this then mean
      that the dragonhearts are also immortal?
      > Yeah, I know...maybe it's a lame question. Still, I hope some of
      you may be interested in giving your two cents.
      > J.
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