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271Re: How Did Lycanthropes Begin?

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  • Martin MacLoued
    Apr 20, 2007
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      Evolutionary track of canines?

      Curse of a mage?

      --- In knights_fantasy@yahoogroups.com, Justice <jalbright@...> wrote:
      > We all have a pretty good idea what lycanthropes are. Generally,
      they mean werewolves (canine), but I have decided to expand the word
      to also feral shapeshifters (feline).
      > This isn't referring to how the strain is passed (blood wound
      inflicted by a bite). Like all types of hybrids, lycans had a
      genesis. For example, vampires were created by the mixing of Demon
      (Wraith) and human blood. Does anyone have a theory what the origins
      of lycanthropes might be?
      > Setting aside the differing behavior (as human and beast) or even
      what stimulates the change (emotions or lunar cycle), this question
      focuses more on how lycanthropes (as a species) arose.
      > J.
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